Selena Gomez Honored For Mental Health Advocacy Work

Pop star and actor Selena Gomez has no secret of her personal mental health struggles – they’ve made her an outspoken advocate for awareness and getting other young people the help they need. ”I hope that by using my platforms to share my own story…I can help others feel less alone”, Gomez said earlier this […]

Taylor Swift Wins Most Prizes At MTV Europe Music Awards

Taylor Swift walked away with four prizes at MTV’s Europe Music Awards on Sunday, including best video for her 10-minute ”All Too Well”. Double-award winners included Nicki Minaj for best song and best hip-hop, and the French DJ and record producer David Guetta won the best electronic award and best collaboration. The event, broadcast on […]

Vivid Pink Diamond Sells For $28.8 Mln At Christie’s Auction

The largest pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond ever put up for auction sold for 28.4 million Swiss francs ($28.8 million) at a Christie’s sale of rare jewels on Tuesday, the auctioneer said. The Fortune Pink Diamond – which weighs 18.18 carats, which Christie’s had called a fortuitous number for Asian collectors – has been estimated […]

Princess Of Wales Masters Monochrome Dressing On Visit To Scarborough

The Princess of Wales is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and today was no exception as she joined the Prince of Wales for a visit to Scarborough to promote a cause close to their hearts: improving mental health services available to young people. The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales, in […]

At Christie’s A Vivid Pink Diamond Could Sell For $35 Million

The largest pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond ever put up for auction could sell for up to $35 million at a Christi’s sale of rare jewels on Nov. 8, the auctioneer said on Wednesday. ”The diamond weighs 18.18 carats, which is of course an extremely fortuitous number for Asian collectors. We’ve had a huge amount […]

Over 3,500 To Participate Riyadh Event Celebrating Three Centuries Of Saudi History

PARIS, France – On Feb.22 Riyadh will witness an artistic demonstration entitled ‘The Beginning’s March’, with the participation of more than 3,500 artists, actors, and performers, who will present panoramic paintings about the history of the Saudi state over the past 3 centuries, in addition to various shows, as part of the activities as part […]

TRAVEL TIPS | Cavo Tagoo, Izabel Goulart’s favourite hotel in Mykonos

Every summer, the Brazilian model flies to Mykonos where she has habits at the Cavo Tagoo Hotel, overlooking the sea. It’s hard not to succumb to the sirens of Mykonos. This fabulous island of the Cyclades that mixes all-round small fishing port, windmills, turquoise coves, private VIP beaches, whitewashed village, tables with feet in the […]


AlUla’s Ancient Sites and Illustrations To Feature In This New Coffee Table Book

The destination of AlUla, working in collaboration with publisher Assouline, has announced  the upcoming release of a luxury, mesmerizing book of photography and illustrations. The book, titled AlUla is set to release in September and features stunning images by acclaimed Canadian-American photographer Robert Polidori, and interpretive illustrations by Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal. AlUla will immerse […]


Yemeni – Emirati Singer Balquees Fathi Stars In Luxurious International Campaign

Luxury watchmaker and jeweler Piaget revealed its new campaign this weekend, starring ten exceptional women pioneers in varying fields, ranging from cinema and art to music and design. Fathi features in the Extraordinary Women campaign – which was shot in Los Angeles – along award – winning actress Jessica Chatain and Cynthia Erivo, South Korean […]

THE POWER OF INFLUENCE | Angelina Jolie Discussed How She Talks To Her Kids About Racism

Angeline Jolie is no stronger to change. She’s worked as a Special Envoy of the High Commissioner for Refugees to bring attention to the challenges that refugees face around the world. With the current state of the world, which involves protestors everywhere fighting for racial equality, Jolie told Harper’s Bazzer U.K. that she’s sitting down […]

THE POWER OF INFLUENCE | Munroe Bergdorf To Join L’Oreal Paris’s Diversity Board: ‘I Look Forward To New Beginnings’

Munroe Bergdorf has reunite with L’Oreal Paris three years after the brand cut ties with her for speaking out about systemic racism. The black transgender model has announced that she will be joining the U.K.’s diversity and inclusion board after having an ‘open and constructive’ conversation with L’Oreal’s president. ‘This week, I spoke with L’Oreal […]


MacKenzie Scott Donates $281 Million To Boys & Girls Clubs

PARIS, France – MacKenzie Scott has donated $281 million to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and 62 local Boys & Girls Clubs around the country, the 160 – year – old nonprofit announced Thursday. It is the largest public gift Scott has given so far. Scott directed $25 million of the total to the […]

Huma Abdein Steps Out, Brings Her Memoir To Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – There’s no easy way to tell Huma AbediAN’s story. So, she’s telling it herself, bringing her voice to an international stage in the United Arab Emirates and speaking about recently published memoir. For more than two decades, Abdein has been the ever – loyal aide to Hillary Clinton, starting […]

Judge Judy Funds Scholarships At NY Laud School She Attended

NEW YORK – ‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin has given a $5 million donation to New York Law School, where she, her daughter and granddaughter have attended. The donation will fund full tuition and books for 10 women a year, along with a summer employment fellowship after their first year, the school said. Sheindlin, whose ‘Judge Judy’ […]


Angelina Jolie Joins Instagram, Dedicates First Post To Afghan Girl, ‘Basic Rights’

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie joined Instagram on Friday and posted a letter apparently written by an Afghan girl fearing Taliban rule. The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider leading  lady – turned – humanitarian garnered more than 5.1 million followers in less than 24 hours after joining the social media platform. Jolie claimed in the post that Afghans are […]


Protecting Your Skin From The Inside Out

PARIS, France – As cloudy skies start to turn sunnier, you might be checking your stash of sunscreen. But you may also want to see what’s in your kitchen, as some foods can help keep your skin youthful and healthy. ‘There are definitely foods that we eat that can boost our ability to protect our […]

The Aesthetics Trends To Know About For 2022

Injectables 2.0 With a new generation of dermal fillers and toxins, now’s the time for a subtle ‘refresh’. Just landed in the UK is Prollenium: a hyaluronic acid – based filler from Canada, which uses spherical particles, thus reducing pain or swelling. The result? A slower breakdown of product smoother delivery and greater volumisation. Sharon […]

How Much Does A Beauty Product’s Ingredient List Really Tell You?

When researching a new beauty product, one of the first things we do is look at its ingredient list. What, if anything, does this long collection of scientific jargon really tells us? Many of use this list to help assess whether or not a formula can meet our needs, but according to a cosmetic chemist […]

A Step – By- Step Guide Yo Your Daily Skincare Routine With The Correct Order

Paris, France – Skincare routine may appear to be a case of ‘Whatever works! You do you, boo!’, but guess what? It’s not. If you don’t layer your products correctly, or if you mix, for instance, the wrong moisturiser with the wrong serum, your products may turn ineffective or, worse, irritate your face. Whether your […]

The 7 Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends Of 2022

The pandemic cosmetic surgery boom is old news, but lately, surgeons say that interest and demand have only grown. Americans spent over $9 billion on cosmetic surgery in 2020, according to The Aesthetic Society, despite about an eight – week elective surgery shutdown across the country. And 2021, surgeons say, far surpassed that revenue baseline, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Microblanding, According To An Expert

Ever since Cara Delevingne flaunted those feathered full brows, the look has been considered the epitom of natural, effortless beauty. Brushed up, full bases, long wind swept tails, and fuzzy sprouts are what classify a perfect off – duty brow look. New technologies are on the rise to help achieve the look without one having […]


Eating 2 Serving A Week Of 1 Fatty Fruit Can Reduce Heart Attack Risk, Study Says

PARIS, France – Eating avocados reduced the risk of heart attacks in both men and women, including when eaten in place of butter, cheese or processed meats, a new study found. Cardiovascular disease is a leading killer worldwide, taking nearly 18 million lives every year, according to the World Health Organization. In the United States […]

Can A ‘Fertility Diet’ Really Help You Conceive? In Some Cases, Yes

PARIS, France – When it comes to diets, there are many varieties from which to choose: weight loss, plans to lower cholesterol and manage diabetes, and foods to fuel endurance athletes. Now, there’s a diet that claims it can boost a woman’s chances of having a baby. The diet was developed by Drs. Jorge Chavarro […]

Eating More Legumes Can Help Add 10 Years To Your Life, Researchers Say

PARIS, France – Choosing legumes over red meat could help increase a person’s life expectancy by more than a decade, according to researchers. In a study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, a team from the University of Bergen in Norway found that prolonged changes from a typical Western diet to ‘optimizing diets’ could ‘translate […]

Extending Sleep Can Help With Weight Loss In Adults: Study

In a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, a team from the University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin – Madison a randomized clinical trial among 80 adults with overweight and habitual sleep of less than 6.5 hours a night. The participants were between 21 and 40 years old and had a […]

Attractive People Have Better Immune Systems, Study Says

Paris, France – In a study published Wednesday in the academic journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a team from Texas Christian University looked at 159 participants who were students at the university or members of the surrounding community. The men and women were screened in advance to ensure that they were without a […]


Jennifer Lopez Starred In Coach’s Fall 2022 Campaign

Lopez, who was named the house’s global ambassador in 2019, embodies the collection’s effortless elegance. The campaign photos were taken by photographer Tayler Mitchell in a simple set the focus on the Huslers star and the collection’s iconic highlights. The Luna, Rogue, and Bandid Bags are a few of the features items; they all go […]

Queen Letizia Of Spain Appears Glamorous In Backless Navy Gown

Queen Letizia of Spain stepped out with her husband King Felipe VI in a glamorous blue dress for the opening of the royal theatre season in Madrid – one of the staple events of the couple’s calendar. The couple’s public appearance is their first since a recent state visit to Germany, which marked the pair’s […]

Kate Middleton Looks Glamorous In Polka Dots During Wimbledon Appearance

Kate Middleton stepped out in style for day nine of Wimbledon on Tuesday. The Duchess of Cambridge made her first appearance at the beloved sporting event this year at the All England Lawn Tennis Club and Croquet Club alongside her husband, Prince William. For the outing the royal style icon aced the Wimbledon Dress Code, […]

H&M Unveils Ramadan – Ready Campaign Starring Nora Attal

PARIS, France – Swedish retail giant H&M has unveiled its spring 2022 collection with a diverse ad campaign starring several leading models including British – Moroccan Nora Attal, Guyanese – Egyptian Nouri Hassan, Milan – born Senegalese Binta Diop and British – Somali Asha Mohamud. Primed for the warmer – weather season, the new offering […]


9 Spice That Will Help You Build Immunity Against The Weather Changes

Paris, France – ‘According to Ayurvedic thought, food is not just a source of energy but also has powers to heal the body internally’, adds Gita Ramesh, managing director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group. Besides adding a flavoursome punch to food, spices are storehouses of antioxidants, minerals and micronutrients. Spices You Should Add To Your Diet […]

These Foods Can Help You Look And Feel Younger, Experts Say

PARIS, France – If you are what you ear, you may want to consume foods that make you kook and feel as vibrant and healthy as possible. Artichokes If you want to keep your body feel young and strong, experts say to eat artichokes as part of a health, balanced diet. ‘The main antioxidants and […]

This Secret Eating Habit Can Help You Age Healthier, New Study Says

PARIS, France – As we age, controlling sodium intake becomes more important than ever in order to reduce cardiovascular health risk – but eliminating too much salt may cause food to taste bland. Good news: You can boost flavor while still lowering salt intake by focusing on adding more spice and seasoning, according to a […]

Yogurt May Help Manage High Blood Pressure, Study Says

Paris, France – Dietary choices are a major part of managing high blood pressure – also called hypertension. A new study in the International Dairy Journal suggests yogurt may be particularly beneficial. In fact, researchers found that it is particularly helpful for those already dealing with hypertension. About The Study Researchers looked at 915 people with hypertension who […]

10 Foods To Eat For Healthy Living

You’ll want to add these healthy foods to your meals, enjoy them on a regular basis as part of a varied and balanced diet. Our diet consists of micro and macro nutrients, which include vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. From a dietary perspective, the key to healthy living is variety and balance. With […]

The Best Way To Store Chocolate Is Apparently, Not In The Fridge

PARIS, France – Whether you’re saving some special chocolate bars for just the right moment or just received a gift box of truffles and bonbons, proper storage is key to ensuring that when you do enjoy that chocolate, it tastes just as delicious as it should. Here, two chocolatiers explain the best way to store […]