AlUla Wellness Festival To Kick Off On Thursday

AL ULA, Saudi Arabia – AlUla Wellness Festival is set to kick off on Thursday, March 17 and running until March 27, offering yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other well – being exercises for visitors.

As part of the festival, the Five Senses Sanctuary will offer visitors a full range of classes to partake in, including guided yoga, meditation workshops, Pilates group discussions, and mindful practices.

In total, over 300 different wellness activities will be offered. The 10 – day Five Senses Sanctuary will be located in AlUla’s summer farms and provides festival visitors with an atmosphere filled with relaxation and renewal.

As part of the festival, AlUla is also set to host the second of the EcoTrail from March 18 -19 – a marathon trail that passes through multiple major landmarks in AlUla, including Maraya, Elephant Rock, Hegra and others.

The trail offers an 80 kilometer ultramarathon, a 50 kilometer marathon, a 25 kilometer half marathon, or a 10 kilometer fun run as well as 1.2 kilometer race for children.

The trail will include the options of running, walking or hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The first season of the EcoTrail took place in 2020, and organizers anticipate this year’s trail race will be even bigger.

The trail welcomes experienced athletes, amateur runners and children alike. Registration is now open through the Eperience ALUla website.

Other activities for visitors to take part in include the AlfaOne Retreat,, the Sadu Escape, and the Thuraya Wellness Center at Habitas that will continue throughout March.

A return performance will also be made by Lionel Richie on the Maraya stage on March 18.

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