Dior Unveils Rare 150 – Carat Yellow Diamond To Celebrate New Flagship Opening

PARIS, France – Dior has unveiled an exceptional rare diamond in celebration of its newly renovated Paris flagship store.

Aster two years of refurbishments, the 30 Avenue Montaigne store has a whole new look – including a restaurant, an apartment, three gardens and an exhibition gallery – as well as a glittering yellow 150 – carat diamond to be found on display inside, as part of a new high – jewellery area, where customers can design their own pieces.

The ‘Le Montaigne‘ stone, named in tribute to the legendary French address, was discovered in 2020 in South Africa’s Kimberley Mine.

The diamond holds a special significance. One of Christian Dior’s lucky charms was the number eight, which is weaved throughout the Dior legacy, representing the founding date of his fashion house on 8 October 1946. Additionally, the building – on Avenue Montaigne – was made up of eight floors, housed eight workshops, and is situated within the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The special digit also represent Dior’s ‘En Hit’ line, part of the fashion house’s first haute couture collection, which present Dior’s now iconic ‘New Look’ silhouettes.

In light of this, the fashion house wanted the Le Montaigne diamond to echo this legacy, so requested that the stone, once cut, must weight precisely 88.88 carats. it took nine months of studying, modelling and cutting by master gem cutters. The diamond will be mounted onto a custom – made floral ring setting – specially designed by Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior Joaillerie – worth an estimated $50 million, according to the Financial Times.

The newly renovated 30 Avenue Montaigne space in Paris aims to revolutionise the flagship store experience, and even has an in – store hotel apartment. Guests can book book La Suite Dior for one night, which will give them exclusive access to the entirety of 30 Montaigne and the ability to design their own experience – from an intimate cocktail party in the Salon Historique or an exclusive tour the Haute Joaillerie ateliers, to a private overnight shopping event in the boutique.

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