Queen Elizabeth’s Decision To Give Camilla ‘Queen Consort’ Title Was Made Five Years Ago, Royal Exert Claims

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth offered her support to have Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, become queen, and everyone is on board.

Amid her Platinum Jubilee, which marks the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne, the reigning British monarch expressed her ‘sincere’ wish that Camilla be known as ‘Queen Consort’ when her son, Prince Charles, is expected to succeed her to the throne.

Keren Barefield, an executive producer for True Royalty TV, told Fox News Digital that those within the palace support the 95 – year – old’s message and have already welcomed the duchess with open arms.

‘They all believe it’s the right thing’, Barefield explained. ‘Camila has done a lot of good for the royal family. She’s always been there for Prince Charles. And I’m being told that everyone believes this is the right decision.

‘[Royal author] Angela Levin, who is currently writing a book about Camilla, told us that this decision was actually made five years ago between the queen and Prince Charles’, Barefield added. ‘it’s only recently, in February, that it was announced to the public’.

In giving her blessing, the popular and respected sovereign is placing significant heft behind the move.

‘When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes king, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that have given me’, the 95-year – old monarch wrote. ‘And it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as queen consort as she continues her own loyal service’.

Barefield noted that, over the years, Camilla has won over those within the palace a supportive spouse who doesn’t outshine her husband, the heir to the throne.

‘For everyone who’s worked with her has all said she’s a lovely person’, said Barefield. ‘Within royal circles, everyone’s very happy’.

It took years for many in Britain to forgive Charles, 73, the man whose admitted infidelity brough such pain to Princess Diana, known as ‘the people’s princess’. The mother of Prince William and Princess Harry died in 1997 from injuries she sustained in a Paris car crash at age 36.

The public mood soften after Charles married Camilla, then known as Camilla Parker Bowles, in 2005. Upon marriage, the 74 – year – old become the Duchess of Cornwall.

Barefield noted many as the palace have wondered why Harry, 37, hasn’t spoken about the announcement concerning his stepmother since it was revealed.

‘He come out and did a speech that supported Diana’s positive work’, said Barefield. ‘It was lovely, but there were certainly questions. It also made people miss the cheeky chap we knew and love. But he’s got a lot to do before he gets back in the UK’s good books’.

After stepping back as a senior member of the British royal family, Harry moved to California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children.

Although Camila played a significant role in the breakup of Charles’ first marriage, her down – to – earth style and sense of humor eventually won over many in the UK. During their public outings, Charles has been viewed as more approachable, if not happier, as he cut ribbons, unveiled plaques and waited for his chance to reign.

At the time of their marriage, royal aides had suggested that Camilla did not want to be called queen and ‘intended’ to be known instead as princess consort – a first in British history. But the careful use of the world ‘intended’ let to the possibility of change later on.

The move is seen as an effort to safeguard a smooth transition to the future as the queen navigates the twilight of her reign.

‘This is the most extraordinary message. The queen is ensuring the transition, when it comes to her son as king is as seamless and trouble – free as possible’, former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt told the Press Association. ‘She’s future – proofing an institution she’s served for 70 years. And for Camilla, the journey from being the third person in a marriage to queen – in – waiting is complete’.

Camilla told BBC’s Emma Barnett that the announcement was ‘a great honor’, People magazine reported. Still, she plans on continuing to focus on her royal causes.

‘But it does help it’, Camilla said. ‘I’m going to keep up with these causes. You know if I start something like this, I’m not going to give up mid – channel. I’m just going to keep going to try and help people…I hope I should be doing it for a lifetime’.

Public celebration of the Platinum Jubilee are scheduled over a long weekend June 2 – 5, with festivities including a military parade, a day of horse racing and neighborhood parties.

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