France Will Provide Ukraine With $111 Million In Additional Aid

PARIS, France – France has allocated a further 100 million euros ($111 million) worth of financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the French foreign ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

‘Faced with the humanitarian situation in Ukraine caused by Russia’s invasion of the country and in response to the request of the Ukrainian authorities, France has decided to mobilize a financial package of 100 million euros to provide a response for the population affected by the conflict’, read the statement.

‘In addition to financial support to NGOs and multilateral organizations, our assistance takes the form of emergency humanitarian aid’.

A further eight tons worth of aid left France on Tuesday for Ukraine, with the statement adding that ‘other humanitarian aid operations for Ukraine are under consideration’.

France will also provide aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, the statement said.

France has already sent 33 tons of emergency aid, which includes tents, blankets and sleeping bags, to Ukraine via Poland. They were delivered to the Ukrainian authorities on Monday, according to the statement.

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