Destinations: iSTANBUL

Think Holland is the best place to see tulips in the spring? Think again. Istanbul has held its international tulip festival every April since 2006, a celebration in which to 30 million flowers bloom in the city’s parks, gardens, and even traffic roundabouts. Over 500,000 tulips are planted in Sultanahmet Square alone, creating a stunning, colorful carpet below the Blue Mosque. You can also catch special concerts and photography exhibitions during the festival.

Even if you don’t make tulips the focus of your trip, Istanbul has a slew of new hotels and cultural attractions that make it an incredibly exciting destination to visits right now. Tour many of Istanbul’s new and restored attractions along the Beyoglu Culture Road, a two – hour walking trail that goes past the Taksim Mosque, Instanbul Cinema Museum, and Galata Tower – just to name a few. Then bed down in the Bosphorus – facing Mandarin Oriental in Kurucesme, which opened in mid – 2021 with hammams, riverfront restaurants, and a water ferry that will take you anywhere in the city.

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