Dior Unveils The New ‘Galons Dior’ Haute Joillerie Collection

PARIS, France – Victorie de Castellane writes a new chapter of Dior’s High jewellry with this exquisite new collection that celebrates the details of couture and the inventive passion of Christian Dior.

Couture is all about those magical little details and in this exquisite, 81 – piece collection Victoire cleverly zooms in on and amplifies the scrolls of decorative ribbons and trimmings so often used in Haute Couture. Gold and diamonds twirl and intertwine to form uniques, scrumptiously abstract pieces that reflect the ornate nature of the braided ribbons.

The effortless, classic elegance of the collection was punctuated with Dior’s signature element of asymmetry, lending an edge to the delicate designs, while the complex intricacy evoked the art of detail that the Maison holds so dear.

The use of geometric shapes lent a 20s art – deco glamour feel to the pieces while creating an almost contemporary, digital pattern effect. The use of placement and multitude of different cuts feels evocative of pixels, reemphasising the theme of zeroing in on the tiny details.

Subtle asymmetry is also used to create movement and realism. Presenting imagery of ribbon snipped by a couturier’s scissors. Untamed yet harmonious, the designs capture the whimsical elegance of ribbons, evoking a sense of ethereal, light floating fabric. The bold motifs that accent the pieces artistically replicate the details and curves on the galons that inspired their conception.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings glisten with white diamonds, some of which are adorned with the vibrant hues of sapphires, rubies or emeralds, creating a delicious burst of colour against the dazzling bright white.

The collection also reveals, for the first time in an Haute Joaillerie collection, brooches and cufflinks designed for men.

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