Omar Sartawi, A Jordanian Food Artist Makes Luxury Handbag Out Of Orange Peels

Paris, France – People Like Omar Sartawi making progress in the realm of suitable fashion every day. He is a Jordanian culinary artist and molecular gastronomist who makes handbags out of orange peels. He turned to Instagram to share shots of the luxury handbag as well as images of the product being created.

In a method he calls ‘digital fabrication’, he uses fruit peels and a laser to create material than can be moulded to build luxury products. The entire procedure takes around two weeks to complete.

In a video, showing his manufacturing process, Sartawi is seen explaining, ‘One of the things I am currently working on is processing the leather of fruits and vegetables in new ways, to be used as environmentally friendly material, to turn it into luxury brands. We can create extravagant products with modern designs through available technologies. I’am using it in fashion, accessories, high – end bags, and furniture’.

Noof Al Shekar, a Bahraini designer, collaborated in the design of the bag.

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