Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter Appears On Horseback For Chanel

PARIS, France – Huge spinning wheels, ‘floating’ wooden blocks and suspended geometric shapes hovered over a surreal mini golf course Tuesday at Chanel’s remarkable couture show.

Even Pharrel Williams, who is no stranger to elaborate sets, had to take a moment to take stock, before posing beside a white, three – meter (yard) tire.

This sublime, avant – gard decor was the work of Xavier Veilhan and marked the first time in its history that Chanel has entrusted a contemporary artist for staging.

The equestrian photos handed out to guests as they filtered in were a hint of what was to come. But no one quire expected Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco and the granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly, to appear out of nowhere atop an actual racing horse.

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