Dior Champions Somali Boxer Ramla And 7 Other Atletes For Its Sportswear Line

Paris, France – Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri offered her unique take on sportswear to the world when she presented the Dior Vibe line as part of the fashion house’s Cruise 2022 collection. Including movement – friendly pieces such as leggings, jackets, and futuristic running shoes, the line is inspired by the freedom of sports, and so, who better than the world’s rising athletes to model it?

In a series of photos captured by Dan Beleiu, Wang Ziqin, Miu Hyunwoo, and Harry Eelman, the French hoses highlights eight sports starts including Somali boxer Ramla Ali. As an amateur boxer, she became the first Muslim to win an English title before deciding to represent Somalia in 2017. She would go on to make history in 2021 as the first Somali woman to compete in the Olympics.

The series of images also feature Afghan – Danish soccer player Nadia Nadim, Greek athlete Athina Koini, Italian prime ballerina and director of Rome Opera House Ballet Eleonora Abbagnato, Chinese national team fencer Sun Yiwen and surfer Darsea Liu, Korean figure skater and Olympic champion Yuna Kim, and American skateboarder Briana King. Each athlete is photographed in their chosen fields, sporting key pieces from the line that feature the Dior Etoile, Ditor Athlet, and Dior Oblique motifs, as well as the Dior Vibe bags.

Unveiled at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the Dior Cruise 2022 collection is an ode to sports, but more importantly, women’s liberation brought about by them. ‘Sports has played a great role in the emancipation of women’, the designer shared after the show. ‘I think we need to remember that women have had to fight to play their favorite sports… [and] that fight still goes on today’.

In an unexpected yet natural next step, the fashion house also collaborated with Technogym on a line of limited edition home fitness products: a treadmill, a wellness ball, and a multifunction bench, all emblazoned with the unmistakable Christian Dior logo.