Judge Judy Funds Scholarships At NY Laud School She Attended

NEW YORK – ‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin has given a $5 million donation to New York Law School, where she, her daughter and granddaughter have attended.

The donation will fund full tuition and books for 10 women a year, along with a summer employment fellowship after their first year, the school said.

Sheindlin, whose ‘Judge Judy’ courtroom television show ended in September after a 25 – year, now hosts ‘Judge Judy’ on Amazon. She graduated from New York Law School in 1965, and her daughter Nicole Sheindlin graduated in 1993. Granddaughter Sarah Rose is set to graduate this sping.

Women make up 62% of the new law school’s student body.

‘We point to (Sheindlin) as a great success story for the law school’, said Anthony W. Crowell, dean and president. ‘It’s a testament to discipline, hard work, tenacity and what we call New York grit’.