Four Healthy Morning Habits For A Great Start Of The Day

Mornings are hectic. We get it. There is just not enough time to preen yourself for the day ahead. But, wait, if you slightly modify your AM routine, you will not have to rush to work – and get there, well, tired and ready to curl under the sheets. Be smart and proactive with your mornings and you will soon notice a spike in your energy and mood. Here are gour healthy morning habits to get your feet – and runing.

Wake Up Early

Rising up Earl may sound like a drudge, especially if you tuck between the sheets late at tight. The thing is, though, you will need to shift your routine – if you want to do your body a favor, that is. Go to bed early and wake up early – before – sunrise early. Not only will you feel energized and refreshed, but will have enough time to easily slip into the day ahead. (All the tasks – from writing emails to folding the laundry – that you plow through in the quiet of the night can be performed in the morning – the early AM hours are equally serene).

Drink A Glass Of Lukewarm Water With Lemon

Think about it – when you rouse in the morning, you are coming out of a bout of at least eight hours without drinking water (unless you wake up throughout the night to satiate your thirst). It is crucial for the metabolism to start your day chugging 16 ounces of water – it flushes out toxins and rehydrates organs. Ass lemon to stimulate tour digestive tract and prepare it for the upcoming meals.

Exercise, Stretch, Rebound

Wake up your muscles. While a simple 5 – minute routine of stretching improves blood circulation and muscle tone, you should adjust any morning workout to your own capabilities you needs. Perhaps, go for a jog or opt for yoga – whatever gets your body kicking. If you are not really into AM exercises, opt for rebounding. It is easy and effective and a craze amid fitness buffs. All you need is a mini – trampoline. The up – and – down movements stimulate the lymphatic drainage, boost the immune system and improve digestion.

Eat Healthy Breakfast

A well – nourished body prompts a well – performing mind and, thus, leads to a well – spent day. Prime yourself with a healthy breakfast. Lean on proteins – they maintain satiety. Stir a green smoothie (spinach or kale are good options) to detoxify your system and, at the same time, to stock it up with fiber and minerals. Your energy level will shoot up – and remain high throughout the day.

These may come off as no – brainers. We all know the benefits of hearty, healthy breakfast, you might sigh. Yes, we do. But out also probably known how much effort it takes to actually stick to a great morning regimen. It might require a couple of weeks or a moth or three to embrace it and make it your own. Once you do, however, the benefits are for life.