A Bit Of Movie Magic In The Janie Bryant X Hamilton Watch Capsule

After receiving critical acclaim for her costume designs for characters in Med Men, Deadwood, and Why Women Kill, Janie Bryant sets out on a journey to collaborate with Hamilton on a special capsule collection.

Hamilton watches have always played a significant role to play in cinema history, dating all the way back to 1932 the brand’s timepieces appeared in the iconic movie Shanghai Express. This longstanding relationship with the silver screen lends an authenticity to the characters portrayed on screen as well as being a source of inspirations to Hamilton. This spirit now finds its way to a new collaboration with Janie Bryant.

Designed to celebrate the brand’s origin story with a contemporary character, each of the timepieces are now available in two new looks which Hamilton states is one for today, and one for tomorrow.

All the timepieces in the collection received na overhaul in terms of colour, with the most striking change being the prominent use of more subtle and softer textures, along with warmer tones. This also includes the diamond accents, light yellow gold PVD and a powdery rose leather to give the timepieces a dash of Hollywood glamour.

This change means that the Intra – Matic Automatic chronograph gets a softer look, while the American Classic Ardmore’s art deco style becomes more elevated for today’s fashion sense with neutral colors and a silver – white opaline dial.

Other notable piece is the American Classic Lady Hamilton Vintage, which comes with a black, Sunray – brushed dial which contrast with the brilliance of the diamonds used in the dial to give a very modern, very glamorous look to the piece.

Each of the pieces within the capsule collection will be made available in two different versions, with each version being more glamorous than the previous, making the collection indeed an option for both today and tomorrow.

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