New Center At Princess Nourah University To Promote Saudi Women’s Role In Society

Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al – Asheikh, announced a royal approval for the establishment of the Sarah Al – Saudairi Center for Women’s Studies, at Princess Nourah University.

The center aims to enhance the role of women and their participation in society, as well as support scientific research projects on them.

Al – Asheikh also announced an SR 20 million ($5.3 million) royal grant from King Salman to support the center.

The minister expressed his thanks and appreciation to the King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their approval.

Al – Asheikh underlined the leadership’s reiteration on the importance of women’s studies, which will contribute to enriching for role of Saudi women.

He said the establishment of the center is a qualitative leap in women’s studies, providing activities, events and programs that contribute to building knowledge, strengthening partnership with community institutions, and maximizing the impact of their scientific and research capabilities of Saudi women, and their successes in this field, affirming that the center represents one of the most important initiatives to support them.

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