Festive Beauty: Count Down With Penhaligon’s Advent Calendar Set

Talk about a treat a day. This British perfumery house will leave you spoiled for choice on the days leading up to the best time of the year.

You know what they say – Christmas is the ‘season of joy, of gift – giving, and of families united’. And what better way to ring in the festive season than to start with an advent calendar on the first day of December? Luckily for us, British fragrance house Penhalington’s has got you covered with its festive calendar ‘A Fragrant Countdown’, a must – have set to celebrate Christmas right.

If you’re not religious or familiar with the concept of advent calendars, her’s the quick 4 – 1- 1. Typically a Western tradition, advent calendars are often gifted to other to count down the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas day. Think of it as your chance to unveil a gift day till December 25.

Your usual advent calendar will contain “doors” with the numbers one to 25 printed on them, hiding little trinkets, gifts, and surprises behind them. And as some people treat advent calendars as something inherently personal, they purchase or custom-make these sets to best suit the receiver’s taste. For example, if you know your friend is a chocolate addict, you might gift them an advent set that contains a variety of chocolates.

As for Penhaligon’s take, you can expect to find nicely-scented mini roll-on perfumes, candles, lotions, soaps, and festive-themed keychains hidden within the set; the perfect gift for someone who has an affinity with fragrances.

The house’s best sellers – Halfeti Eau de Parfum, The Favourite Eau de Parfum, and The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum – are featured in the “A Fragrant Countdown” set in miniature sizes. Sampling these signature scents through the advent calendar is one of the best ways to be introduced to the brand. And who knows? You just might fall in love with Penhaligon’s this Christmas.

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