4 Cosmetic Treatments To Revitalize The Eye Area

At a time when face masks are putting the eyes on heavy display, these procedures are designed to keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated.

As the pandemic continues, faces masks are our most forceful means of defense against the virus. As a result, the eye area is highlighted and consequently, given greater exposure. Since the region has thinner, more sensitive skin, it’s more susceptible to environmental damage, so dark circles, wrinkles, and sagging eyelids are problems that can arise naturally. To understand how to combat these issue, AMRAH consulted specialist to outline the best treatments to further enhance this region.


While often though to be the result of stress, dark circle can also be structural, caused by the anatomy of the eye socket. ‘Some people have a deep tear groove. Thic can be genetically determined or caused by the normal aging process. There is the loss of fat in the region and with that , the groove becomes deeper. Excessive and rapid weight loss can also make these dark circles worse’, says dermatologist Dr. Paola Pomerantzeff.

According to an article published in January 2015 in Clinics in Plastic Surgery, the injection of a small amount of hyaluronic acid, a common filler, can fill the small groove near the tear duct. ‘As the skin in the region is very this procedure must be done by a qualified professional. For people between 20 and 40 years old, dark circles react very well to this treatment’, says Dr. Roberta Radovan, a postgraduate doctor in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.

‘Injectable hyaluronic acid treatments have the function of filling and restoring the structure of this region of the lower eyelifts when the patient begins to lose support. It’s a great option for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, restoring the volume of the lower eyelid and reducing color’, says plastic surgeon Dr. Paolo Rubez. When filling this space, it changes the way the light is reflected in the area, making the eyes appear increasingly clear. With a topical anesthetic, the injection produce minimal pain and last from nine months to a year. In daily care, using creams is essential, to help moisturize, preserve the skin of the region, and combat dark circles and signs of aging.

Fat Grafting

To aid aging – related fat loss around the eyes, a different approach is preferred for people over 40 years old. ‘Often, bone changes occur, as well as slipping of deep fat pads due to the loss of fat and collagen, which support the area’, says Dr. Padovan. To treat these changes, most doctors use fat grafting.

‘In this case, we use the body’s own fat to rejuvenate the skin, so the technique is biocompatible and there is no risk of rejection. And, even though we know that about 50% of the grafted material can be absorbed by the body, the remaining quantity is filled with stem cells capable of improving the quality and appearance of the skin’, says Dr. Rubez.

The expert continues, ‘The first step is to remove the fat prom another region, which can be from internal or external parts of the thigs, the back, or the abdomen – the latter area being the most common. The procedure is done through a cannula that will liposuction the material, taking it to a separate container. In it, the doctor will eliminate unnecessary parts so that the fat is clean and ready to be grafted in the desire location’. Soon after, the fat is injected into the facial region in order to give the undereye region a plumped effect, treating problems such as deep dark circles.

Laser Treatment

For fine lines or dark circles, try laser treatment. ‘There are non – ablative technologies that heat the deepest layers of the dermis without damaging the surface of the skin and improve several signs of aging at once, using targeted heat to trigger a treatment response to wrinkled skin’, says the doctor. ‘This response stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to firm the skin over time. Lasers not only reduce lines but also improve the appearance of dark circles, dark spots, and texture’, Dr. Rubez explains.

According to the dermatologist Dr. Abdo Salomao Jr., one of the highlights is the Pico Ultra 300 laser, an advanced laser known for being ultra – fast. ‘The procedure treats, in the same session, sagging, wrinkles, pores, dark circles, and spots. It is a global skin treatment. For spots and pigmentations, the laser causes micro – fragmentation in the pigment responsible for the formation of the spots, eliminating them from the body. To treat the signs of aging, Pico Ultra 300 promotes the stimulation of new collagen, as well as the harmonious alignment of collagen and elastin fibers’, says the dermatologist.

The equipment acts on both the superficial and deepest layers of the skin, promoting a general rejuvenation of the skin. And the best of all? When the session is over, you can return to your daily activities. For daily care, hydrating the region with doctor-recommended products is most suitable, especially those with antioxidant and anti-glycant (against the effects of excess sugar on the skin) properties, both of which combat dark circles.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

With the loss of collagen as the skin ages, the fat layer around the eye can slip, creating a lump that people perceive as bags around the eyes, says Dr. Padovan. Indicated for aesthetic and also functional purposes, since the excessive flaccidity of the eyelids can hinder the vision of some people, blepharoplasty surgery aims to rejuvenate the eyelid area by removing excess skin and fat bags present in the upper and lower eyelids with the possibility of repositioning these structures or filling grooves when the doctor deems it necessary.

“In some patients, fat grafting can also be performed to fill the loss of local tissues, since the result of the surgery looks more natural when there is a certain tissue around the eyes”, says Dr. Rubez. “Done under local anesthesia, the surgery, which lasts between one to two hours, can also be performed together with the lifting of the upper third of the face when the excess tissue in the eyelids is also caused by the fall of the eyebrows.”

According to the specialist, recovery from the procedure is smooth and painless, and in the first days after surgery, the patient may experience swelling and bruising on the spot, symptoms that resolve within a few weeks and can be relieved with the help of rest and cold compresses over the eyes. Postoperative care is similar to surgery for correction of eyelid drooping and the definitive result is noted in about three to six months.

Finally, poor health habits, especially smoking, can contribute to problems under the eyes. “Excessive alcohol consumption can cause bags and dark circles, in addition to affecting the quality of your sleep. Speaking of sleep, make sure you are sleeping well between the recommended seven and nine hours a night. Drinking plenty of water, reducing salt in the diet, and increasing the consumption of leafy vegetables and fruits, both foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is also a good way to help the skin of this region,” concludes Dr. Padovan.

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