The Opposing Forces Of Cartier’s Clash De Cartier Collection

Staying true to the spirit of the line, Cartier’s latest additions to the Clash de Cartier series marry aesthetically contrasting elements like pearls and spikes.

Symbolism and a little kitsche have always been the things that have turned Cartier’s greatest pieces intro wearable icons. The newest inductee into its hall of fame, the Clash de Cartier range is no exception. With conical spikes and pyramidal studs, the original design borrowed a sense of rebellion from the punks and turned the once aggressively pointed objects into elegant, shimmering beads that still manage to retain an aura of defiance.

The French Maison has continued to expand the line since it was first launched in 2019. Where the exaggeration of shapes found in the Clash [Un]limited collection might feel more combative and armorial, the recent introduction of Tahitian pearls and onyx to the series add intricacy and more contrast – think pieces with black Tahitian pearls, each adorned with a minute white gold stud; and a rose gold bracelet bearing strategically placed onyx beads, which appear to connect the wearer’s wrist to the pieces of arm candy.

Symbolism aside, the new styles introduced to the Clash de Cartier lineup add a sense of drama and occasion to the range and will be perfect conversation starters for the festive season.

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