Wolford X Amina Muaddi

Wolford partners with Amina Muaddi — designer of the eponymous Made in Italy brand of women’s accessories — on a special collaboration.

The dialogue between the Austrian brand, leader in high-quality legwear and bodywear, and Italian raised designer of Jordanian and Romanian origins, gave life to an exclusive capsule collection, the synthesis of an encounter between aesthetics and values.

Emphasizing the beauty of the female body, enhancing the individual certainty of each woman through glamorous garments that envelop the body like a second skin: this is the mission shared by Wolford and Amina Muaddi, who sourced each other’s expertise to design every single piece of the collection.

The constant work of research and celebration of the femininity inaugurated by Wolford in 1950 sees in Amina Muaddi the contemporary spokesperson for its message, addressed to all women who love to express themselves and their sensuality.

“Wolford has always firmly believed in the innovative potential of collaborators, whose talent could enrich our products and challenge the boundaries of our experience. Amina Muaddi’s creativity and present-day vision represents a new important stimulus for us to explore modern femininity and offer garments to the women of today through which they can express their identity”— says Silvia Azzali, CCO of Wolford.

“I’ve always been a Wolford fan and client, to me the brand represents the epitome of quality legwear and bodywear and a symbol of refined femininity. When they reached out to me for a brand collaboration I agreed to do it right away as I already felt connected to their brand DNA, incredible craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. I like to create modern products that feel timeless and boost the confidence of the person who wears them and I believe that through this collaboration we were able to bring our collided vision to life.” — told us Amina Muaddi, CEO and designer.

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