The New Bvlgari Hotel is Parisian Luxury at Its Finest

Located on Avenue George V in the “Golden Triangle” between the Seine and the Champs Elysees, the Bvlgari Hotel Paris is a new kind of hotel experience where Italian hospitality meets the glorious history of the City of Light.

A sophisticated blend of pure, minimalistic lines and subtle references to Italian Renaissance architecture, the Bvlgari Hotel Paris on Avenue George V introduces a new, graphic identity to a neighborhood filled with elegant buildings.

The Italian architecture studio, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, designed much of the building from its façade to the hotel’s interior. Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel remodeled the building and its façade through a collaboration with the French architecture studio Valode & Pistre. Externally, the hotel is incased in a façade of dramatic, two-story-tall windows. Views of the beautiful City of Lights can be seen from all sides of the hotel. 

Internally, the hotel houses the same palette of colors and textures characteristic of its siblings in Milan, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Beijing: calming neutrals and rich textures. Natural inspiration abounds, as this hotel, and the rest in the Bvlgari family, incorporate natural materials and surfaces: marble, silk, granite, and wood into their design and finishes. The hotel introduces guests to a fresh version of luxury, a place filled with artwork, dramatic silk wall coverings, and designer furniture.

The hotel’s interior features 76 rooms and suites, including the Penthouse Bvlgari. The Penthouse Bvlgari is an exceptional private apartment measuring a spacious 12,486 cubic feet and it features a panoramic roof garden measuring 622 yards.

Eleven floors house the Bvlgari Hotel Paris in a building that has been renovated to emphasize only its most essential lines. The exterior lines of the hotel have become a minimalist expression of the dynamic energy of the vertical. The Bvlgari Hotel Paris features large windows covering multiple floors that extend down in clear reference to the aristocratic palaces designed by Andrea Palladio during the Italian Renaissance. Running along the façade of the building is a stone carpet reminiscent of the paved roads of Rome. This façade features the Parentesi signature pattern that is also used in the jewelry collection of the same name which helps generate an inviting atmosphere for guests where the glamour of Rome meets the sophistication of Paris. 

The hotel features multiple entrances. Guests may enter the hotel privately through a secluded garage or they may enter from the Avenue. Two eight-pointed stars inspired by the famous centerpiece at the Piazza del Campidoglio greet guests in the lobby of the hotel’s Avenue entrance. 

For the first time in France, the Bvlgari Hotel Paris presents a unique gastronomic concept devised by chef Niko Romito for the Bvlgari hotels. Awarded three Michelin stars for his Reale restaurant in the Abruzzo region of Italy, Niko Romito reinvents the transalpine gastronomic tradition by focusing on the essential ingredients and characteristics of the Made in Italy culture, elegance, and vitality. The quintessence of experience and products are combined with new techniques to create increasingly pure and deliciously light flavors.

With a unique location in harmony with the surrounding areas, the combination of traditional design with spectacular contemporary Italian architecture from the Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architecture studio and superior service prepared with the same attention to quality, the Bvlgari Hotel Paris brings us to a dream of Italian luxury and sophistication.

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