Banksy Street Murals Recreated In Milan’s Main Train Station

Travelers at Milan’s main train station will this week be able to take a break among reproductions of murals by elusive street artist Banksy.

The World of Banksy – The Immersive Experience’ opens Friday in the Mosaics Gallery, on the rail level of Milan’s monumental Central Station.

It features reproduction of some of Banksy’s best – known pieces, such as ‘Nola’, created in 2008 out of sympathy with the people of hurricane – battered New Orleans.

Banksy’s street art has been recreated by young European artists and installed against backgrounds mimicking their original street setting.

‘When it was a brick wall, we made a brick well, when it is a cement wall we made a cement wall, when they are dirty from time and pollution we made them dirty with special effects’, the show’s curator, Many De Ros, said during a preview Phursday.

New works reproduced include ‘Aachoo!, depicting a mask – less woman sneezing and knocking her dentures off, and ‘Steve Jobs’, which Banksy painted on a wall at the entrance to the Calais encampment of migrants hoping to reach England.

The exhibition is unauthorized, but the curator notes it’s also been unchallenged so far.

‘He doesn’t stop them from happening, which push us to think that he could be happy with the work we have done’, De Rose said. ‘He may also appreciate the fact we send out the messages he wished to send out’.