Gender-Neutral: Karl Lagerfeld X Cara Delevingne

Launching in September 2022, the brand and Cara Delevingne are creating a collection entitled “CARA LOVES KARL LOVES CARA” comprised of gender-neutral styles that feature sustainable materials.

KARL LAGERFELD has announced a collaboration with actress, model, singer, writer, and activist, Cara Delevingne. Karl Lagerfeld and Cara had an incredibly special bond that went far beyond the bounds of the muse-and-artist relationship. Karl loved and appreciated Cara, finding her brave and daring. Cara admired and idolized Karl as a true mentor and confidant who gave her the courage and freedom to be herself. They also genuinely enjoyed each other’s company and had fun whenever they were together, kindling what ultimately evolved into a loving and solidified friendship that only flourished over time.

With regard to Cara, Karl once noted, “She’s a character. She’s the Charlie Chaplin of the fashion world. She’s a kind of genius, like a character out of a silent movie.”

Cara, in turn, similarly remarked, “He believed in me when so many others didn’t, including myself. He was a visionary, a genius, but more than that… a dear friend.”

“I’m honored to be able to partner with the only fashion house that carries Karl’s name and get the chance to make a personal contribution to his legacy. It’s been great to share my ideas with the creative team, have a say in the designs, and just have some fun in the process.”

“This collaboration is inspired by the mutual love between Karl and Cara, who is a true member of the TEAM KARL family. We’re excited to partner with Cara on this dynamic project that will extend beyond fashion and contain a strong emphasis on creative storytelling, genderless styles, and sustainability,” says Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD.

Cara will be working alongside Design Director Hun Kim to develop the “CARA LOVES KARL LOVES CARA” collection. The collaboration will feature sustainable materials while focusing on inclusive, gender-neutral pieces that reflect the values both Cara and KARL LAGERFELD are passionate about. The collection launch will feature a dynamic, innovative, and holistic multichannel campaign.

Additional details about the collaboration will be disclosed in the coming months.

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