Burberry’s New Store In Jeju Island Brings Art, Technology And A Sustainable Future To The Mountains

The scenic terrains of Jeju Island have a new guest in their midset: the most recent addition to Burberry’s experimental pop – up stores emerging across the globe. Dubbed the ‘The Imagined Landscape’, each space holds within a heady melange of fashion, technology and futuristic art. This latest South Korean iteration is no different – and even features the brand’s hallmark Thomas’s Cafe.

Known for its tranquil beach resorts and volcanic landscape, Jeju Island has long stood as one of the most popular sites to visit in South Korea for locals and tourists alike. Alongside scenic hiking trails and cave – live lava tubes, the island now has one more attraction for the crowds flocking to its mountainous terrain – the latest installation in the series of experiential of experiential Burberry pop – up stores that have emerged across the globe.

Seated at the foot of the Halla mountain, the new storefront doubles up as a futuristic art installation, featuring mirror – like walls sculpted into topographical contour lines that undulate and blend into their beautiful natural surroundings. Visitors are treated to a stunning views of Sanbang mountain and the South Shore from a platform atop the design before they enter the store.

Once inside, expect a smorgasbord of fashion and technology: from Burberry’s newest outerwear collection (including the innovative new version of the brand’s iconic trench coat) to augmented reality TikTok filters that pop up on your phone once you can scan a QR code.

Fans of immersive film – scape can step into a room featuring cinematic experiences crafted by three artistic: Maotik, Cao Yuxi, Lia Jiayu. Blown up on massive screens and fully interactive, each film is rooted in the great outdoors and transports viewers into a unique new world.

If you get peckish halfway through your visit, you are welcome to visit the Burberry’s hallmark Thomas’s Cafe – named after brand founder Thomas Burberry – which is making its first appearance in Korea with pastry chef Justin Lee’s repertoire of locally – inspired treats.

Burberry’s aim of going carbon positive by 2040 means that alongside innovation, sustainability is at the heart of its ‘Imagined Landscapes’ series. The Jejy Island experience will be certified carbon neutral, meaning that measures will be taken to reduce the environmental impact of the event before offsetting any remaining emissions through the brand’s Regeneration Fund.

Burberry also intends to invest in the beautiful natural heritage site it has found a new home in. Through a five – year partnership with non – profit organisation Jeju Olle Foundation, Burberry will support waste elimination programmes to help preserve the island’s beauty, while invest in maintaining the island’s scenic trails to allow continued and safe access for guests from all over the world.

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