Transport Yourself To The ’90s With Versace’s New Eyewear Collection

For this Fall/Winter 2021 season, the Italian house brings back ’90s nostalgia with its latest collection.

To remember is to live again, as shown by Versace’s new collection of glasses called the Biggie, which takes inspiration from the music and pop culture of the ’90s.

One of the most iconic designs, the Medusa Biggie by Versace, is redesigned with new accessories (but without losing the brand’s iconic metal jellyfish), becoming a unique and elegant pair of glasses.

If you want to feel like a real movie star, the VE 2234 model is the ideal pair. With transparent tones and sophisticated metallic nuances, along with its ultra-wide shaft and its cat-eye shape, Versace reinterprets the way we wear sunglasses. Another model is the VE 2235, which has a metal frame, a top bar, and metal nose pads. Like glasses from the past, they are transparent in shades that make them modern and innovative.  

For contemporary personalities, there are the VE 3303 and VE 3304 models that show classic designs with simple cuts, while, at the same time, being creative. The first model is for men and is available in transparent gray and black colors with black temples, and the second is crafted in a feminine way and is in black and transparent pink colors with black temples.  

Versace’s new collection puts a new twist on the brand’s classic designs that are perfect to wear on any occasion.

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