Gucci Is Hosting Hacker Project Pop – Ups This Holiday Season

Continuing the celebration os its centenary year, Gucci is using mixtapes as inspiration for its holiday gift – giving campaign.

Gifting a mixtape used to be a profound confession of love. To craft such an object, time and care had to be given as song were copied onto the tape one by one. To finish, perhaps one world decorate the case with stickers and Sharpie: 10 Love Songs For My Girlfriend, A Collection of Hits For Bestie, 8 Holiday Tracks For Mom.

This gift – giving season, Gucci is coopting the outdated mode of communication (these days kids are more likely to send their crush a Spotify playlist) to offer up a rotation of aesthetics that represent the spirit of the rand.

Today, Gucci unveils the first of four chapters in its pop – up series, focused on the Gucci gift selection. The Hacker Project, a cross – branded collection from Gucci and Balenciaga, blends signature motifs from each of the brands. Items from the line will be available to shop at these limited – time – only locations.

Gucci has announced bot pop – up and pop – in locations. Pop – ups will be located in New York’s Meatpacking District, Miami Design District Paradise Plaza, and Holt Renfrew Yorkdale. Pop – ins can be found on New York’s Fifth Avenue, New York’s Wooster Street, at Gucci Beverly Hills, Gucci Chicago, and Costa Mesa South Coasta Plaza.

The second chapter in the series will focus on ‘Horse Racing Motifs’, which highlight the brand’s equestrian roots with a range of accessories and garments featuring checks, stripes, and fringe that evokes the banners seen in Italian horse races. The third chapter centers on Gucci’s lifestyle and decor items, including blankets, stationary, cutlery and game sets.

The final chapter is ‘New Year’s Eve’, featuring accessories and garments fit to wear on the most festive night of the year. Items from Gucci Aria will be making an appearance, including a crystal – embellished anatomical heart clutch and new jewelry statements. Looks from the ready – to – wear line are paired with ’90s – style velvet pieces, with makeup and fragrances available to shop for stocking stuffers.

Those who do their holiday shopping at the pop – up or pop – ins will be treated to exclusive packaging in a green, black, and burgundy color palette with printed tissue paper and a shopping bag, adorned with the Gucci 100 logo. The Hacker Project also has its own packaging featuring the Gucci and Balenciaga logos in a green, grey, and beige color palette.

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