Prada’s Holiday 2021 Campaign Imagines A Snow Covered Los Angeles

Prada just unveiled its 2021 holiday campaign with A Midwinter’s Night Dream, a cinematic experience that uses ground – breaking technology and Hollywood stars to transport viewers and fans of the Italian fashion house into a festive dreamscape.

Imagine: infinite cotton – candy sky, its reflection in the snow and the ambience so palpable that one could easily feel the frost on their cheeks. For this season’s holiday campaign. Prada created a serene world, frozen both in time and quite literally. Think The Lodge (but a lot less scary) or Eternal Shining of the Spotless Mind (but much more modern) elevated with the magic of Star Wars – grade special effects.

Deeply inspired by the power of cinema, Prada enlisted the help of director Glen Luchford and some of this generation’s brightest Hollywood stars: Julia Garner, Shira Haas, Louis Partridge and Taylor Russell. Under Luchford’s eye, the actors journeyed across snow – swept Los Angeles in semi – collegiate getups to the Waltz of the Flowers. The dream, so meticulously woven by the creative minds behind the campaign, felt real, or at least as real as a multi – million – dollar Disney feature.

The ultimate suspension of disbelief in A Midwinter’s Night Dream was possible thanks to the Volume, a special effects tool most prominently used in the Mandalorian to achieve a remarkable sense of scale when creating fictional landscapes.

The campaign’s styling did not attempt to instil credence but rather accentuated its romanticism. The campaign featured Prada’s latest rhinestone – studded oeuvre: cardigans, dresses, skirts, accessories, and shoes that were shimmering under the pastel lights of the LED screens. Apparently, in Prada Land, winter is not an excuse to abandon cropped cardigans and sheer blouses.

A Midwinter’s Night Dream is a new example of a brand building an entire world with its campaign. In the past, luxury players like Richard Quinn and Mugler succeeded in placing their collection into elaborate narratives. Prada, however, took the concept to the next level by utilising high – profile cinematography and Hollywood technologies, blurring the lines between fashion, cinema and reality.

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