Bella Hadid Says She ‘Sounded Pathetic’ Complaining About Not Owning Designer Clothes In Vogue Interview

The model said her mother Yolanda Hadid blocked her from owning designer wear.

PARIS, France – Bella Hadid is walking back on a complaint she made about not owning designer clothes in high school.

In an interview with Vogue from over the summer, the 25 – year – old model broke down some of her most famous looks and discussed growing up with supermodel mom Yolanda Hadid.

‘I never, growing up, had anything designer’, she said in the interview. ‘My mom wouldn’t let me. I think I got my first pair of Louboutins when I graduated high school’.

Referring to a photo of herself wearing designer clothing, she added: ‘It makes me emotional actually, because I’m so happy in this picture, for the first time in my whole adult life’.

After a TikTok featuring the clip from the interview began circulating on the popular app, the moment went viral.

In the comments, the model admitted that her anecdote was ‘a bad story to tell’.

‘The context of this was that a lot of people think I grew up buying and wearing designer things…’ she began.

‘I never taky anything I’ve ever had for granted & I feel underserving of it all times…’ she wrote. ‘But I wore this same pair of shoes, that were given to me as a gift, for the first three years of my career. To every job, every go – see or meeting. The metal is all that’s left at the bottom of the heel’.

She continued: ‘I’m sorry it sounded pathetic, but 1. Bad story to tell and 2. I agree, I can’t listen to myself talk either’.

Her statement came after she got a fair amount of flack from viewers for her comments.

‘Girls I’m 25 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair [of Louboutins] in person’, wrote one.

‘She wanted to sound so relatable and FAILED!’ said another.

Added a third: ‘Meanwhile I spent my summers in high school working in the fields so I could buy my own school supplies & clothes for school to help my parents’.

‘I’ve never not identified with someone this much ever’, yet another commented.

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