This Is The Largest Chanel Perfume Bottle Ever Produced

Chanel introduces the No5 collectible perfume, the largest perfume bottle ever made, with as much as 2021 ml of perfume.

PARIS, France – This year, the French fashion house Chanel is celebrating the centenary of the perfume world’s legendary No5 perfume. The No5 fragrance was introduced to the world on May 5, 1921 by designer Gabrielle Chanel in a fashion boutique in Paris. To mark this exclusive anniversary, the fashion house has introduced a limited edition perfume bottle, a monument to the creativity of fashion girl Chanel and the mastery of Baccarat crystal products.

The collectible bottle is made of a specially treated crystal that shines like a real diamond. According to the original design of the perfume bottle, a minimalist No5 label is affixed to it, and a ribbed cap resembling cabochon shines like a crown on the top of the bottle. It is the largest perfume No5 bottle ever, with as mush as 2021 ml of perfume. This amount was chosen by Chanel to emphasize the importance of the century.

Each large No5 vial, designed to hold 55 units, is packed in a commemorative box. The box’s material imitates the skin of lamb, and the design reflects the packaging of the first perfume No5. Purchasers of the collection bottle will also find a Baccarat crystal wand in the package to lubricate certain places, which Coco Chanel herself suggested: a dot behind the ear, the inside of the wrist, and the neckline.

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