Turning In And Glowing Up With La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil

How La Prairie harnesses the power of the night in its new bespoke caviar retinol treatment called Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil.

PARIS, France – Retinols may be one of the 10 most Googled skincare ingredients in the past year, but that’s because it remains the gold standard for anti – ageing. We wash off the day and surrender to the night. On the surface, all is still. Yet deep within, our body works hard to repair itself – skin included. Unlike the daytime when the skin focuses its efforts on protection, in these blue hours draped in dreams, the skin’s circadian rhythm is programmed for regeneration. Collagen synthesis peaks during sleep, making the evening prime time for skin renewal. But as it lets down its guard, it also becomes more prone to night – time water loss. Fascinated with the restorative powers of the night, scientists at La Prairie have created Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, incorporating a new Swiss caviar incarnation that performs at its best in the dark.

Here’s how this golden oil transforms the skin: diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to leave it visibly firmer, smoother and renewed, night after night.

Caviar Retinol’s effect on collagen synthesis

Our ability to produce collagen, vital for plump, youthful skin, declines from our 20s and is accelerated by environmental and lifestyle factors such as diet, ultraviolent and blue light damage, pollution and inflammation from over – cleansing or stripping skincare. Hype around skincare ingredients come and go, but when it comes to anti – ageing, retinols remain the gold standard. Knowing this, Pa Prairie one – ups the industry with this breakthrough find: a natural retinol, worshipped for its unrivalled line – smoothing properties.

Targeted by La Prairie scientists for its collagen – stimulating potential, Caviar Retinol, a star ingredient in their new Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, $820, is composed of caviar lipids and retinol that naturally occurs within caviar. Deeply nourishing for the skin, it includes vitamin D and triglycerides omega – 3, -6 and -9 essential fatty acids. Inspired by Dr. Paul Niehans’ pioneering work on rejuvenation conducted at Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland, the exclusive Cellular Complex is also pairer with Caviar Retinol to synergistically deliver new life and vitality to the skin.

Caviar Retinol is derived from pressed Swiss Acipenser baerii caviar eggs through a specially designed extraction process, which creates the ideal conditions to capture and retain both caviar lipids and caviar – derived retinol. Beyond lifting and firming the skin, Caviar Retinol also helps to efface the appearance of lines. And yet, it remains as volatile as ever. To retain its potency, this retinol can only exist in the shadows. When subjected to the light, it ceases to exit. As such, to best unlock its skin – rejuvenating powers, Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil is best reserved for the night as the final touch to your beauty ritual.

The power and benefits of Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil

Thanks to the breakthrough ingredients found in Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, the visible effects of skin ageing is neutralised and put in reverse. The oil works to visibly smooth and improve the complexion. It helps to restore firmness through re – densifying the skin, while sealing in moisture and active ingredients from preceding treatments, compounding the benefits of your skincare ritual. Crucially, it stimulates collagen production deep within. On the surface, it renews the skin barrier, making it more resilient in the long – term.

Skincare should be a pleasure. Which is why Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil is sure to delight the senses. At once silky and soothing, the indulgent formula sweeps across the skin to offer immediate comfort and cushioning, locking in moisture. A drop or two of the lightweight oil pressed into the skin immediately enlivens the complexion, revealing a natural glow.

To maximise your turndown ritual, head down to La Prairie’s new luxurious boutique at ION Orchard to encounter the complete Skin Caviar range and other product innovations. The immersive space inspired by minimalist design and the brand’s Swiss roots also contains two treatment facial cabins for pampering.

This new modern home to La Prairie welcomes guests in tranquil yet sophisticated tones of grey, white and silver. Reminiscent of luxury apartments in a Swiss nature – infused setting, this pure aesthetic features fine crystal, sleek steel and delicate paper accents together with wood and mineral elements. In a love letter to Swiss contemporary architecture and the school of Land Art, La Prairie’s use of these ennobled materials reimagines materials from the natural worked into bold, dazzling pieces of objects d’art.

‘Time is the most luxurious thing that we have’, says La Prairie’s chief architect, Stana Pijunovic. ‘Taking a few moments to be immersed in a calm environment can contribute enormously to our wellbeing. After all, we are influenced by the beauty of the space that surrounds us‘.

In this sacred sanctuary clients are treated with the utmost care and intention from consultations of treatments. That’s right: the boutique houses two spacious treatment rooms to pamper and indulge the senses.

Every treatment on La Prairie’s facial menu is 90 minutes long and each sublime experience caters to specific skincare concerns such as firming, anti – ageing, and rejuvenation.

La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating & Firming Facial, $560, is a radiance – inducing facial, promoting an even skin tone by helping to prevent discoloration while illuminating the skin. Boosted with Golden Caviar extracts, the complexion emerges firmer and more hydrated, providing a more illuminated, smother skin that enhances the complexion.

The Skin Caviar Lifting & Firming Facial, $520, harnesses the power of La Prairie’s revitalising Skin Caviar collection, cocooning the skin in hydration and essential nutrients to leave it firmed, toned, and silky soft.

And for the ultimate in skin – love, the Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation Facial, $890, is a luxurious treatment using La Prairie’s high performance Platinum Collection. It begins with a relaxing back massage and features an exclusive facial for instant revitalisation.

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