Tiffany & Co.s Video ‘About Love’ Captures The Indescribable Chemistry Between Beyonce And Jay – Z

When Tiffany & Co. signed Beyonce and Jay – Z as brand ambassadors last month, it was obvious that music will be the launch of love in its upcoming ad campaign. The Carters had just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary this year in Vegas, and although we’re not expecting any new albums drops soon, they have finally released the exclusive music video produced for Tiffany & Co. we’ve all been waiting for. Titled About Love, it’s a collaboration between the American jeweller and both the Carters, and a soulful ode to modern love.

PARIS, France – Filmed by Beyonce’s Black Is King co – director Emmanuel Adjei at the spectacular Orum House in LA, About Love captures the Carters’ indescribable chemistry through small, stolen moments of intimacy. Theirs is a bond that transcends space and time, because they could be on opposite parts of the globe, but they’re constantly in each other’s heart. It’s ‘the epitome of the modern love story’, as Alexandre Arnault, Tiffany & Co.’s executive vice president of product and communications described. But if there’s just one thing in About Love that makes it the best minute – and – a – half you’s spend in weeks, it’s got to be Beyonce’s velvety smooth vocals.

Here she performs unique rendition of the classic love song Moon River, which as we all know is the song for Tiffany & Co., made famous thanks to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. But where Hepburn’s riff was soft, sweet and a little blue, Beyonce gave it an elegant grandeur and turned it into something almost surreal. Every note of her flawless performances was recorded in analogue by Jay – Z on a Super 8 camera.

As ambassadors of Tiffany & Co., the Carters were suitably iced out, and not only in regular Tiffany diamonds, but also the ultimate Tiffany Diamond. Yes, the necklace featuring a 128.54 – carat fancy yellow diamond known as one of the most important gemstone discoveries of the 19th century. Playing the piano as she sang, Beyonce wore it as a back – lace first, then over the front in later scenes, matching it with her own 22 – carat cushion – cut yellow diamond ring.

Meanwhile Jay – Z didn’t do too badly himself, wearing a sleek diamond line necklace over a sweater in one scene, and in another, Jean Schlumberger creations with a tux as she captures Beyonce’s mesmerising voice on film. Bud judging by how smitten he looks, he might well have already committed everything to memory. Moral of the story? Find someone who looks at you the way Jay-Z looks at Beyonce in About Love.

Watch the video for About Love below

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