Louis Vuitton’s Latest Fragrance Is For The New Romantics

Sequestered in the Louis Vuitton fragrance headquarters in the flower fields of Grasse, house perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has developed a new blend that he claims captures the essence of femininity, inspired by his floral surrounds. ‘Here, in Grasse, the wind is the best perfumer in the world’, he muses, gesturing past the al fresco terrane that circle Louis Vuitton’s headquarters. A rustic – chic countryside escape, the building retains many of its original features, from brickwork, to the natural spring that flows beneath the foundations, showcased via glass floor viewing points. The scent of jasmine, an exclusive variety only cultivated in Grasse and currently in season, perfumes the curved pathway past labelled herbs and the flowering garden beds. ‘It is always different, ever – changing, and it brings with it fresh jasmine, mixed with the cypress, the fresh green leaves and the earthy soil notes’, he reflects.

PARIS, France – The new release, Spell On You, captures Cavallier Belletrud’s vision of a woman cast in a subtle spotlight, with all eyes on her every movement. ‘It’s a fragrance that triggers a sense of romanticism’, shares Cavallier Belletrud. ‘It’s my quest to bring a femininity into a fragrance, to embody that trait.’ In Sell On You, this romanticism is mixed with passion, a slightly sultry edge. The rose – tinted bottle reveals the focus of the juice inside – a true floral fragrance with notes of rose, acacia, iris, violet, peach, and white musk. ‘The iris absolute and iris root are key to the fragrance, they bring a movement, and strength to the fragrance. It adds a fruitiness to the rose. The iris adds to the notes, like opening the door into a darkened room to let in the early morning night’.

The perfumer says that the fragrance may be floral, but its delicate notes don’t mean it should be mistaken for being weak or soft. ‘Spell On Yo has a strong personality, it’s something that is long – lasting and lingers on. I love perfumes which are like people, with their own charm, that you can smell for five seconds and then never forget. Like a memorable woman passing by, Spell On You leaves an unforgettable impression’. Understandably, Cavallier Belletrud says singer Nina Simone’s iconic rendition of ‘I Put a Spell on You’ fits its namesake perfectly. ‘The music and the fragrance, they flow well together’, he notes. ‘Both have the charm, a mysterious allure, and a passion within them’.

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