Faouzia and John Legend Perform At Chanel Cruise Dubai

Ivy, that creeping vine that signifies eternal life and fidelity hung from the ceiling. Olive threes symbolizing health, luck, and tranquillity, flanked the walls of a room filled with the region’s elite. In Dubai, women and men who had over the years built a relationship with the maison Chanel enjoyed a ultra chic showcase of the Chanel Cruise 2021/2022 show by Virgine Viard. And on this rare occasion, it can be said that there was more Chanel in the audience than on the runway. At the very heart of this room, blooming with greens, a nod to the South of France, from which the show is inspired, was Chevaliere de la legion d’honneur Madame Ingie Chaloub, lest anyone forget that it was she, via the Chalhoub Group, who first brought Chanel to the region all those years ago.

And while many things remain the same, at Chanel, the air brings winds of change, always looking forward. To great applause, Grammy award winning singer John Legend took his seat at a black baby grand. After singing several hits, he introduces one of the Arab world’s own to join him. A star of only 21 years old, an artist from Morocco who holds her own alongside Legend, Faouzia.

In October 2020, Vogue Magazin received a private tip, an introduction to ‘the next big thing’. Born in Casablanca, Faouzia immediately captivated with her powerful vocals and soulful demeanor. There is no doubt that Faouzia has a god given talent at the level of the likes of some of the greatest singers in the world today. Faouzia also has a stillness beyond her years, which likely stems from her grounded home life.

The duo sand their duet Minefields, which has gone on to become a bonafide hit, having been viewed over 42 million times on YouTube since it premiered January 28, 2021. Saudi couturier Ashi dressed Faouzia for this occasion. The evening’s audience included Penelope Cruz seated next to Chanel president of fashion Bruno Pavlosky, Caroline de Maigret, Sofia Boutella, and Tara Emad.

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