Hermes Victoria Bag Get A Sustainable Upgrade

The classic Hermes Victoria Bag gets a mushroom – derivated revamp, showing us sustainability is here to stay.

PARIS, France – Fashion trends come and go  but one movement definitely here to stay is sustainability. Hermes is known for its ultra – luxurious calfskin bags. Now the France heritage house is experimenting with a fungi – derived leather alternative.

The Victoria Bag, one of the classic Hermes design, is reimagined in a mix of canvas, calfskin, and Sylvania – a new form of Fine Mycelium, produced by MycoWorks.

The San Francisco – based start – up has managed to find a way to turn a ‘network of threads from the root structure of mushrooms – into a material that imitates the properties of leather’.

Fine Mycelium, the genesis of Sylvania, is manufactured in the MycoWorks facility. It is them tanned and finished in France by Hermes to further refine strength and durability, and then shaped in workshops by in – house craftspeople.

The amber – hued travel bag retains a sturdy silhouette with a natural patina finish, much like its original version that was born in 1997, Hermes’ Year of Africa, named after Zimbabwe’ famous waterfalls.

It seems fitting that a traveling bag inspired by nature has now taken a new sustainable material as a response to increasingly ethically minded and sustainability – focused consumers.

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