Giorgio Armani Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of His Sustainable Dubai Hotel

Mr. Armani threw a joint celebration for his Spring/Summer 2022 runway show and the 10th anniversary of Armani Hotels.

Dubai – for – One Night Only – with Giorgio Armani. I can’t think of many things that sound more appealing. When Mr. Armani returned to Dubai for the first time in 11 years, he brought his One Night Only event with him.

One Night Only is an initiative that brings the Armani universe to cities around the world for – you guessed it – one night only. This installment of the event took the Armani – sphere to Dubai, in conjunction with Dubai’s, in conjunction with Dubai’s Expo 2020 World’s Fair. The event consisted of a runway show of the Giorgio Armani / Summer 2022 collection including show of the Giorgio Armani Spring / Summer 2022 collection including couture looks from Armani Prive Fall / Winter 2021, and a performance by Coldplay’s Chris Martin featuring the Dubai skyline as the backdrop.

So what’s the occasion? Sometimes, an occasion isn’t needed. But in this case, Mr. Armani was celebrating the 10th anniversary of Armani Hotels’ ultra – sustainable Dubai location.

The focal point of the event, the runway show, showcased Giorgio Armani’s Spring/ Summer 2022 collection on a scenic runway high in the Dubai skyline. A few of our favorites from the runway include a pink silk blazer, pants and scarfs emblazoned with bold floral and leaf prints that almost look painted on, and a blue semi – sheer dress that feels carefree. Overall, the collection was glittery, energetic, and felt quintessentially Armani.

But besides the beauty of Dubai, and the glitz of a runway show, One Night Only helps to serve a different purpose. Centered completely on sustainability

One Night Only events don’t utilize any single-use plastic, they work to minimize food waste, they use only hybrid cars and LED lighting, and they try to offset any negative environmental impact by supporting organizations that give back to the environment. One Night Only is a symbol of Armani’s ongoing commitment to reduce emissions and minimize the Armani Group’s impact on the environment as a whole. Mr. Armani believes that luxury fashion must retain its “slow” methods not only to let the true value of the craftsmanship and design shine through, but to resist environmentally harmful fast fashion at all costs.

This mission reflects further in Armani Hotels, with the Dubai location being awarded the Green Globe Certification in 2017 (recertification was postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19), banning use of single-use plastic at the hotel in favor of biodegradable and/or reusable packaging, sourcing food locally (which is certainly the most delicious way to do things in the Middle East), and plans on phasing out plastic bottles completely by the end of 2021.

So it’s now been officially confirmed, not many can throw a sustainable party like Giorgio Armani.

Below, a few of our favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

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