Yes, Shiloh Jolie – Pit Wore Sneakers On The Red Carpet – But Not Just Any Sneakers

Angelina Jolie may be dropping jaw left and right, wearing beautiful gowns by Atelier Versace, Balmain, and Ralph Lauren on the Eternals red carpet, but her daughters are making sustainable fashion choices worth talking about on their own.

After Jolie’s daughter Zahara re – wore her 2014 Elie Saab Oscars gown, she stepped out at the Rome Film Festival in a vintage number from LA shop Catwalk. But it was her sister Shiloh who proved that movie premiere dressing is truly up to someone’s personal interpretation in leather – painted, yellow leopard SAWA shoes.

Algerian – born, France – based SAWA shoe designer Mehdi Slimani, who creates his sneakers in Ethiopia, considers his socially conscious brand a fashion activist project which fight against the idea that Africa needs saving. Because all of the materials are sourced in Africa and Slimani is committed to fair trade and a beneficial work environment (the company also recycles water during its production process), economic growth continues to aid the community. ‘We don’t promise to donate part of our income to some charity association for each pair of shoes purchased, not to build a pipeline towards Manhattan. Our shoes are made in Africa and will be made in Africa as far as you will enjoy wearing them’, Slimani has said.

Shiloh coordinated that shoes with a simple Versace minidress, ensuring that it was her footwear we’d all be intrigued. As Joe’s children continue to follow in the humanitarian’s footsteps, we are not all surprised that they’re discovering ways of getting dressed that make an impactful statement. Ahead, zoom in on Shiloh’s high – tops, then find where you can shop them, along with a roundup of inspired styles from small brands or reseale and craft sites.

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