Hold On To Your Tips, Hermes Is About To Elevate Your Mani With Its New Nail Polish And Hand Care Line

Hands are livin’ la vida Les Mains Hermes. With its luxe edit of hand and cuticle care products plus a slew of nail polish shades to boot, here’s how to get a 10 over 10 mani – pedi every time with Hermes.

PARIS, France – ‘The hand is the epitome of care. It is our partner, our eye, our identity. It is both powerful and delicate. The hand makes, creates, gives life. It is also symbolic of our relationship with others’, shares Hermes’ artistic director, Pierre – Alexis Dumas, on the inspiration behind the house’s new collection of nail polishes and hand care items: Les Mains Hermes.

‘We are the house of hands. The hand is a supremely civilising influence that transforms us and connects us to each other’, says Dumas.

Featuring a set of nail files, a complete hand care cream, nourishing oil for cuticles and nails, protective base and top coats alongside a veritable rainbow of nail enamels, Les Mains Hermes comes as a follow up to the successful lipstick and blush collections, known as Rouge Hermes and Rose Hermes, respectively.

Zooming in on what we’re most excited about: Hermes’ nail enamel, which comes in 24 shades is inspiring by the colours, nuances, intensity, and radiance of enamel. Twenty – four of cours, takes after the emblematic 24 Faubourg Saint – Honore, Hermes’ address in Paris since 1880. With a formula composed of 71 per cent of ingredients of natural origin, these pops of pure colour nails to life.

The Hermes touch: Meet Pantone 16 – 1448 aka Hermes Orange Boite

Care and beauty, handicraft and workmanship: Codes of the house shine through when it comes to the launch of this quintessentially Hermes line. At Hermes, craftsmen cares with their eyes and perceive with their hands. Known for their expertise in a range of metiers or skills – from enamelling to silk printing to leatherwoods – they are guided by the sense of touch, running their fingertips over their work to detect imperfections to ensure that Hermes leathers are smooth and soft as silm.

Other heritage hues include Rough H, more on that below, and Brun Bistre, the deep earthy brown that forms the finesse of each orange box.

Les Main Hermes Nail polish in Orange Boite, $74, available at Hermes.

Hermes Nail Files

Shape your nails to perfection with these nail files made in sustainable sourced popular wood. Use the beige side to fill the nail to its desired shape and size, and the orange side, with a finer grain, to smooth and perfect the manicure.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Files, $58 for 12 per box, available at Hermes.com

Les Mains Hermes Complete Hand Care Cream

The Complete Hand Care Cream is the first care product by Hermes. Rich in shin rejuvenating actives, this pampering daily use cream envelopes parched skin in a blam – like texture. Formulated with aeroponically – grown with mulberry extract and shea butter, it penetrates quickly into the skin leaving no greasy residue. To make this pampering treat extra sensorial, Hermes called on its in – house perfumer, maestro of fragrance, Christine Nagel to compose its therapeutic scent. Notes of elegant sandalwood, arnica, fresh rosewater and sensual notes of patchouli captive and soothe the senses.

Les Mains Hermes Complete Hand Care Cream, $185 for 100ml, available at Hermes

Les Mains Hermes Nail And Cuticle Oil

Frequent hand washing and sanitisation, dirt, pollution and UV exposure accelerate skin ageing – yes, even right to the cuticles which may find themselves cracked, split or extra dehydrated. Les Mains Hermes Nail and Cuticle Oil helps to protect the cuticles, nail beds and nails from such aggressors through the combined action of five oils. The formula blends the mastic resin with white mulberry extract and vitamin E to nourish, hydrate and strengthen the nails and surrounding skin. It penetrates to soften and moisturise the cuticles, priming them for the next step of your hand ritual: the nail polish, if you wish.

Les Mains Hermes Nail and Cuticle Oil, $79, available Hermes.

Les Mains Hermes Enamel Base Coat

Base and top coats draw from the Hermes’ expertise in enamelling, a metier in which glazing and the art of colour and radiance result from true alchemy. On a more practical note, the base coat primes the nail to receive and hold the nail polish for a flawless finish every time. The top coat, the long – lasting, high – gloss finale to the manicure, enhances the colour of the nail polish and lends dimensionality to the nai.

Les Mains Hermes Enamel Base Coat, $74, available at Hermes. The Top Coat sold separately, at $74.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Rouge H

As any insider of the house knows, aside from the instantly iconic orange hue, there’s Rouge H, a specific shade of burnished red that’s been used on Hermes leathers since 1925.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Rouge H, $74, available at Hermes.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Vert Ecossais

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Vert Ecossais, $75, available at Hermes.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Blue Encre

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Blue Encre, $74, available at Hermes.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Rose Tamise.

Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Rose Tamise, $74, available at Hermes.

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