Valentino Garavani: Handbags That Never Go Out Of Style

More than a decade has passed since Valentino Garavani’s Rockstujd has been a staple in the Italian brand’s line of accessories. One thought to be a passing trend, the Rockstud instantaneously became a favourite among those in the fashion circuit and celebrities. The much – loved collection has doubled Valentino Garavani’s sales when it was introduced in 2021, especially in the accessories category according to an interview by

PARIS, France – Leather bags from Valentino Garavani are expected to have long mileage, due to the use of top – quality calfskin leather and the excellent craftsmanship of its atelier. The Rockstud’s unique embellishments – the spikes – were a representation of bugnatos, palazzo – style building in Rome. Unlike Dior’s oblique pattern, Louis Vuitton’s monogram and Gucci’s interlocking Gs, which are all loud and slightly outlandish, Valentino Garavani Rockstud bags are subtle.

Owning one of Valentino Garavani’s bags, the Rockstud in particular, is akin to joining the highly exclusive club and those ‘in the known’ will associate this bag with the brand without its actual name plastered across the front. A quick search online for designer handbags for women, the Rockstud collection will be at the top of the search results.

According to the Lust Index for the ‘Hottest Brands’ at Q2, Valentino Garavani ranks 15 and queries about its Rockstud collection is the main push for the brand’s continued success. Just last year, Valentino Garavani collaborated with Craig Green in celebrating Rockstud’s 10th year anniversary. And more recently, its Fall 2022 runway also debuted new iterations of its highly popular bags – shoulder, totes and cross – body.

The formula is simple for Valentino Garavani, customers have enjoyed the Rockstud designs and its different offering. Even as it – bags wax and wane with the different seasons, this emblematic style has transcendent to become ‘seasonless’ – meaning to say it will stay and that’s good news for many who are in love with this punk – like aesthetic that oozes tough – luxe to its wearer. No doubt, if one appreciates being edgy and unique, the Rockstud collection definitely checks all the boxes.

What’s so special about the Rockstud Bags is that its design is a work of art that marries Italian craftsmanship with that of its rich culture. As mentioned before, the studs are inspired by the bugnatos, and the House owns the design entirely. Its gold accents is welcome addition to the creamy leather material of its bags and an extension of the wearer’s jewellery. Putting a fresh look is simple with the Rockstud Bag as this style is a staple yet able to present itself as fashion – forward, making it a must – have in any season.

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