Ralph Lauren’s Pink Poney Initiative Marks 21 Years Of Building Global Support System

In the fight against cancer, Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony Initiatives has created digital and physical spaces of conversation to raise awareness and funds for cancer care and prevention.

PARIS, France – 21 years since the beginning of Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony Initiative – a program dedicated to cancer care – the brand is launching  a multi – layer campaign and a collection of exclusive Pink Poney apparel. This year, their mission to reduce disparities in cancer care, lead the fight to find a cure and help to ensure the access to quality treatment is available to everyone at an earlier, more treatable stage will be led by open spaces of discussion, followed by three digital activations to connect people worldwide.

In an effort to build more empathetic communities, the conversations arranged by the Pink Poney Marketing Campaign will be focused on authentic connections – all in support of the fight against cancer through their official website. The discussions will feature an all – inclusive  cast of cancer survivors and their supporters who will share their stories on healing, hope and survivorship through cancer.

From the back, queer, non – binary femme, sexuality education Ericka Hart to Korean actress and singer Krystal Jung, and even British author Deborah James; these forums are a celebration of anecdotes from people of walks of life and backgrounds.

In order to raise awareness and funds simultaneously for cancer care and prevention, a live gaming event will be held on Twitch, an online streaming platform primarily for gamers around the world. Hosted in Europe, the G2 E – Sports team will be streaming to raise fudns for both Pink Poney Fund, as well as an international network of cancer charities.

For those not on Twitch, an exclusive Pink Poney themed Snapchat lens will be available all through the month  of October. Discoverable through the special Poney Scan – a monthly edition of lenses exclusive to Snapchat – users will be able to digitally share their support and make donations first – hand.

For those seeking a more physical support outlet, Ralph’s Coffee  – the internationally renowned coffee chain crafted by La Colombe specifically for Ralph Lauren – is the place to be. Introduced as a place to meet and connect with others, Ralph’s Coffee will be offering a special pink – poney themed Hibiscus Iced Tea  where proceeds form the drink will be going to the Pink Pony Fund.

As an extension of our world as it is, global retail stores from New York to Seoul will lead the way in being lit pink throughout October, in commemoration of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As one of the first companies to utilize its logo in support of cause – based initiatives, Ralph Lauren will also be releasing a Pink Poney Apparel Collection. 100 percent of the sales from the Pink Pony Fleece Hoodie and 25 percent of purchase price from the sale of the assortment of Polo icons and eyewear offerings will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation in Singapore and The National Cancer of Malaysia. As profits will be going to the Pink Poney Fund of The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation.

The Polo Player has been used for decades as a global symbol to help raise millions of dollars for philanthropic causes and social impact programs such as cancer awareness and treatment. As one of the first companies to utilize its logo in support of cause – based initiatives, Ralph Lauren has continuously made global efforts in building communities of love and support.

The collection is available now in select global Ralph Lauren retail stores, on RalphLauren.com, at Macy’s and Bloomingdales and in select global wholesale stores. 

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