This Bahraini High Jeweler’s New Collections Combine Arabian Craftsmanship With Modernity

Bahrain – born high jewelry house Al Zain has unveiled its latest collection for 2021. Described as equal parts ‘luxurious and whimsical’, the pieces are quintessentially Arab, in that they reflect Middle Eastern artistry through exceptional craftsmanship. Timeless yet playfully extravagant, the two collections aim to unite the past, present, and the future by incorporating precious gems and meticulous techniques.

PARIS, France – The Arab Deco collection, an original concept conceived by the label, draws inspiration from the art deco era, combined with linear motifs of Arabesque design.

Its creation is a nod to the rich Arabian heritage reimagined for the modern woman. Skilled Arab artistry is showcased in the sleek lines, symmetry, and intricate craftsmanship of the pieces, as every edge and curve feature precise proportions. Designed to be passed down generation, the collection is adorned with diamonds, rare emeralds, and rubies set on 18oct white gold.

The aptly named Fluidity collection celebrates water as the precious life force of all living beings. Evoking strength and femininity, the designs are inspired by the molecular structure of water, as well as its fluid movements and limitlessness – think flexible silhouettes that not only adapt to the body’s movements but are also visually pleasing. The jewelry sets feature harmonious arranged of diamonds on white gold, showcasing masterful symmetry from a distance and detailed dimensionality on a closer look.

Al Zain Jewellery was found in the 1930s by the late Hasan Al Zain and has since come to be synonymous with Arabian luxury. With 13 boutiques, a workshop in Bahrain, and more than 170 craftsmen, the label aims to retain the historical roots of jewelry making and design, all white integrating modern elements.