Six Artists Joins The Louis Vuitton Artycapucines Collection

The third chapter of the Artycapucines Collection adds six more names to Louis Vuitton’s list of leading contemporary artists, why have flexed their creative muscles on the iconic Capucines bag.

PARIS, France – Named after Rue Neuve – des – Capucines where the maison’s first store opened in 1854, each Artycapucines will be released in a limited edition of 200 pieces.

Zeng Fanzhi

A frecvent admirer of Vincent van Gogh, the Wuhan – born painter’s 2017 series of portraits for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam combined his style of swirling line patterns with the renowned Dutch painter’s signature techniques, evoking Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, use of colour and artistic vision. For this Artycapucines, his reinterpretation of Van Gogh self – portrait is immortalised with over 700,000 meticulous embroidery stiches.

Gregor Hilderbrandt

The Berlin – based artist’s striking graphic reinterpretation succinctly reflects his work – distinguished for its black – and – white aesthetic and inventive use of vinyl records – which led him to establish his own music label, Grzegorzki Records, in 2018. The vinil records’s grooves endows a subtle yet surprising textural effect to the LV signature gracing this Artycapucines’ screen – printed leather.

Donna Huanca

‘I want the experience of my work to create a surreal moment similar to a hallucination’, the Chicago native once said of her interdisciplinary practice spanning painting, sculpture, video, and sound and scent. Awash in a dreamy spectrum of blues, her Artycapucines enthral with imaginative hand – painted embroideries featuring a kinky twist – the top handle is anchored to the bag in the form of body piercing rings.

Paola Pivi

A reinterpretation of her previous irreverent work depicting a leopard taking a stroll among dozens of cappuccinos, the Italian multimedia artist’s Artycapucines is enriched with complex leather marquetry and gold – leaf gilding. Characterised by her studies of animals and their representation, her works adoptas anthropomorphic gestures to contextualise their characteristic and behaviours.

Huang Yuxiang

Born and based in Beijing, the painter’s striking portrayal of a fantasy landscape on this Artycapucines captures his oeuvre wonderfully. His work constructs images of lakes, forests, mountains, rivers, sunrises and sunset from the expressive realism of traditional Chinese gongbi painting, punctuated with electrifying fluorescent hues he calls the ‘colours of our generation’.

Vik Muniz

Starting as a sculptor in a carrer spanning over 30 years, the Sao Paulo – born artist has worked in different forms of media and had even served as artistic director for the 2016 Paralympics’ opening ceremony. This Artycapucines is a playful representation of the random materials he uses in his creations, most notably his renditions of Pablo Picasso’s Woman Ironing and Jean – Francois Millet’s The Sower that were produced with household waste obtained from Rio de Janeiro’s dump.