Kate Middleton Has Earned Queen Elizabeth’s Trust As A Successor, Source Claim: She’s ‘Up For Challenge’

On Wednesday, palace insider alleged to Us Weekly, that Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton, has successfully proven to the reigning monarch that she’s prepared to take on the role of queen consort someday.

‘Over time Kate has proven to Elizabeth that she can be trusted and they’ve developed a great relationship’, a source claimed to the outlet. ‘Elizabeth feels confident that Kate will make a great queen’.

Another insider alleged that while Middleton, 39, was initially ‘uneasy in the spotlight’, she has become a ‘fearless’ public figure and ‘knows [the protocols] like the back of her hand’.

‘During the early days as a royal, being around Elizabeth made her nervous’, the source explained. ‘She was so desperate to impress’.

Middleton met William, the queen’s grandson, at the University of St. Andrew. The couple tied the know in 2011 at Westminster Abbey in a ceremony televised globally.

William, 39, is second in line to the British throne after his father Prince Charles. Over the years, William has taken on numerous charitable activities, projects and official duties in support of the queen. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are parents to three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

According to the source, while Middleton ‘is slightly nervous’ about the responsibilities that come with the title of queen consort, she will be ready when the time comes.

‘She’s always up for a challenge, believes in herself and feels that she had developed the wisdom, courage and strength to be a success’, said the insider. ‘The queen feels confident that they have cross all the boxes to rule’.

Back in 2020, British author Tom Quill told Fox News that Middleton has own over the royal household.

‘Everyone that I have spoken to confirm that Kate is a very warm, but also a very calm and a very kind person’, he said. ‘…I think she’s very strong, but she’s very conscious, very kind to the people who work for her. Rather than command people to do things, she asks them to do things’.

Quinn said Middleton has provided a stable home live for William, who endured the tragedy of losing his mother, Princess Diana in 1997, at age 36. The prince later admitted that his mother’s death when he was only 15 had a profound impact on his mental health.

‘Kate has been a perfect [companion] because she’s so calm and stable – and that’s what he needs’, said Quinn. ‘I’m not saying she’s sort of a second mother,but there’s an element of that. She’s …a rock. It’a a bit of a cloche, but she’s someone who just doesn’t have a history that’s all over the place. She’s very calm. very rational. And I think that’ why the royal family feels safe’.

‘She also does something which is absolutely key to being happy while also being a member of the royal family’, he continued. ‘Whatever the press may say about you, you don’t complain and you don’t explain. And Kate is very good at that’.