7 Things To Know About Rose Inc, According To Rosie Huntington – Whitley

The model, and newly – minted beauty mogul, tells all about her beauty namesake, her ride – or – die beauty products, and her attitude towards make-up.

PARIS, France – In a time when aspirational figures are presented to us at every app opening, many find themselves seeking a constant, an unwavering source of advice that comes with genuine visual of its effectiveness. Rosie Huntington – Whiteley has steadfastly stood as this figure for us, and – this write can confidently say – many of our readers.

A beacon of understated, easy style, and a spokesperson for the skin conscious among us, we’ve held onto every one of Huntington – Whiteley’s words since the day she began sharing her everyday. But it’s not just her advice that we can treat as gospel – the model is turning beauty mogul with a product extension of her existing content platform, Rose Inc.

With a personal and professional fan base to tap into – the model’s combined reach-across her own platforms, and Rose Inc’s comes in at more than 14.5 million – Huntington – Whiteley is actually creating product we actually want, ones we’ll crack out of their packaging in one swift, exciting move and use until we hit pan.

Rose Inc promises to provide only clean, clinically proven and sustainable products

‘I think what I noticed was missing a lot was transparency in brands’, explained Huntington – Whiteley, who echoed our frustrations at an increase in performative responsibility across the industry. ‘I felt that brands have a lot of these marketing terms, but don’t really define what they are to them. Ans so that was really important – we were going to have these hard hitting pillars to our brand, but we needed to define them and explain to the consumer what they meant.

It was this lack of transparency that kept Huntington – Whiteley firmly on the side of the consumer, feeling a responsibility to bring a brand to market that has ‘real sustainable practices’, that has ‘deep consciousness’ when it comes to materials used, and not used, in packaging, and that keeps a keen eye on formulations, packing each and every offering – even in its colour products – with skin – loving ingredients that help it keep its equilibrium.

The considers approach even trickled all the way down to the number of products Rose Inc released at its first launch. ‘I wanted to be very conscious of the products we put out there and only put products out there that we really stand behind as a brand. And I felt that that ‘less is more’ approach also [builds] into our sustainability story as well’.

The Brand will be a godsent to those with acne – prone skin, like Huntington – Whitely

Huntington – Whiteley has not only been generous with her own beauty recommendations over the years, she’s also remained incredibly open about her own skin struggles, the model frequently referencing her acne – prone skin – so it was only natural that the model kept the skin concern in mind when creating her own range: ‘everything withing the line is non – comedogenic. I have acne – prone skin, and so non – comedogenic formulas were really, really important to me’.

Those who experience their face share of breakouts should look out for Rose Inc’s Radiant Reveal Brightening Serum and gentle everyday Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner, products that Huntington – Whitely promise will encourage cell turnover, clear the skin of the day’s debris and product build – up, and of course, hydrate and plump the skin.

The rance is actually giving us what we want – you may have even had a hand in creating a product

Throughout out chat, Huntington – Whiteley made clear that her Rose Inc community played an indispensable role in the product development process. ‘We spent a lot of time deep listening and looking at the marketplace’, she explained, adding that she and her team had three years’ worth of data to mine from when it came to finding out what people really want from a beauty brand.

‘Having the content platform was just so insightful for the development of the products… [knowing] what people were clicking through, to what products people were buying, at what price point they were buying, what shades they were leaning towards more, what brands, they were more interested in…it’s been amazing, and it’s been so informative.

And the crowdsourcing won’t cease at launch – you may have a say in the development of future products: ‘I look at Rose Inc as being a community – driven brand, and really continuing that as we evolve and move through launch, [still] very much having that two – way dialogue with our community and listening to them…we’ll continue to kind of evolve that and take learning as we develop as a brand’.

Naturally, a number of Rose Inc products are already a staple in Huntington – Whiteley’s routine

Our very first introduction to Rose Inc will come in the form of the Modern Essentials collection, made up of what Huntington – Whiteley considers the ‘two skincare products products and four make – up products that [she] wears every single day’, products that she would never go on a trip without, that she would never not have in her make – up bag.

Aside from the aforementioned serum and toner, the introductory range will also include a brow product, a concealer, a blush and a lip, core products that see Huntington – Whiteley through any situation, be it running errands, taking Zoom meetings, taking her son to school, and even situations that demand a little more glam. Putting it plainly, if she was pressed to whittle down her kit, these are the products that would remain: it was a challenge to myself – if I could only wear four make – up products for the rest of my life, what would they be’.

Your’re going to love the brand’s brow offering in particular

If there’s one product within the Modern Essentials range that went through a great deal of fine – turning, it was the Brow Renew Enriched Clear Shaping Gel, which was formulated, and re -formulated, until the perfect product was achieved.

‘The one product that I drove my head of NPD crazy about was the clear eyebrow gel…we looked at two versions of it – we went from having a wax like pomade, and then I wanted to make it more of a gel, and then at the last minute, I pivoted back to wanting to do the pomade again. And so we went in that direction and I’m just so pleased that I pestered her about it…’

The products are perfect for recreating Huntington – Whiteley signature beauty look

While Rose Inc’s content arm serves as a host to countless make – up artists – these beauty creatives in residence given free reign to lean into-their creativity, no matter how colourful, graphic, or bold – Huntington – Whiteley appreciates their work from afar. Having dabbled in artistic beauty looks in a professional capacity, the founder has instead put her energy into perfecting her own signature look, one which focuses on creating ‘the best version of [her]self’.

‘I think I have a signature look that people probably would associate with me’, Huntington – Whiteley says, adding that she believes Rose Inc’s audience, and undoubtedly its consumer, share the same beauty approach. ‘What I really see from the Rose Inc audience, and consumer, is they’re looking for products that enhance themselves very quickly, that make them feel polished, and effortless multipurpose products that take them from day to night…one thing I always coming back to, is wanting to look like best version of themselves…day to day, I think people just want to feel effortless and real’.

The range proudly sits besides a number of cult – favourite products on Huntington – Whiteley’s top shelf

When asked to share a single product that stands above all others, Huntington – Whiteley was stumped, as any true beauty junkie would be – ‘just one? That’s hard’ – so, she picked a few.

I think the one product I recommend to everybody is a product from a brand called iS Clinicial called Active Serum’, shares Huntington – Whitely, a long – time devotee of the Californian skincare brand. ‘That’s been an amazing product for me because I have acne – prone skin, but it also combats fine lines and pigmentation, and it’s like a lovely tingly, exfoliating product…I’ve used it for many many years now, and will continue to use it for many many years to come.

Much to our excitement, she went on: ‘Ido love the Pipette Mineral Sunscreen, which is probably not available in Australia … because it’s something I can wear, but I can also slap it all over my son, and it’s just a great family product…I’ve been a big fan of the Shu Uemura haire products – the shampoos, the conditioners, the serums – for many, many years now…best not forget out hair. Those are three products that I can’t live without, and are always on my shelves, or in my drawers.