The Benefits Of Collagen In Skincare

Learn what collagen can do for your skin and how to integrate this powerful protein into your beauty regimen.

PARIS / France – Collagen may be one of those ingredients that is seemingly taking over skincare, and for good reason – it may beneficial properties both for the body and the skin. Collagen is an essential substance for our organism because it is the most common protein naturally produced in the human body – about 30 percent of the total amount of proteins – and it aims to provide strength and eleasticity to the connective tissue of our skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones, skeletal muscles, blood vessels, and even teeth. In other words, it’s an anti – aging powerhouse.

As we age, our skin, bones, and joints need our full attention as the existing collagen breaks down and it gets harder for out body to produce more. Even if you are young, you shouldn’t completely neglect collagen either: the sooner you provide your body with enough of this important component, the less fine lines, skin sagging, and dullness you will have to deal with in the future.

What we eat and how much we exercise can largely influence our appearance, but especially when it comes to our skin, collagen can be a great ally to keep it looking young, healthy, and fresh, reducing visible wrinkles and dryness by increasing blood flow to the skin. You can support collagen by applying it topically, which will help with keeping skin moisturized and plump, or taking supplements to replenish your collagen from the inside – out.

Now popular supplement and beauty product ingredient, collagen claims to be a powerful anti – aging treatment to improve the health of your skin and its elasticity. Try sticking to collagen / protein – rich foods and practicing collagen – boosting squats to see how it affects your skin’s appearance. You can also up the collagen ante by adding supplements, powders, or topical creams to your beauty routine.