This Newly Relaunched Fragrance Collection Will Make Your Home Smell And Look Good

Realizing that there is no place like home is one of the many things the year 2020 gave us. While we may now spending less time there, the desire to maintain a safe, welcoming space still exists. In line with this very feeling, luxury home and body brand brand Rituals has just relaunched its most popular range. Its new and improved Classic Home collection comes with a focus on mindful living and helping ‘transform your house into a home’.

Paris/France – The collection consists of six old favorites – the Ritual of Sakura, Ayurveda, Jing, Mehr, Karma, and Hammam – with sustainable improvements. Taking a step towards being more environmentally conscious, the relaunch incorporates recyclables and biodegradable materials in its packaging.

The fragrance sticks will now come in gloss bottles, transparent refill bottles, and cartons for secondary packaging. And because beautification is also important part of creating a home, the revamp extends to the look of the packaging and the scented candles, with the introduction of a new unique ribbed design. As for functionality, the fragrance sticks have been expanded in size to hold a large volume of scent.

Launched in Amsterdam by Raymond Cloosterman in 2000, Rituals is ‘inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures’. Its range of luxury home fragrances, and scented candles are available in stores across the UAE, as well on its website.