Louis Vuitton Star Blossom Collection

The Star Blossom Jewellery Collection, a preciouses tribute to the star – shaped Monogram Flower, now features white gold and shimmering diamonds in a selection of unprecedented and unexpected talismans, resplendent with novelty and joyfulness.

Paris/France – An emblem of Masion Louis Vuitton, the Monogram Flower became a symbol of femininity in the Star Blossom collection created in 2018. The collection reinvented the iconic star – shaped flower designed by Georges Vuitton in 1896. With the timeless audacity of its pointed contours, this quatrefoil – the most famous of all the Monogram Flowers – underscore the confident femininity of all women who wear Star Blossom jewellery.

Embodying the Maison’s legendary motif, each new Star Blossom creation blends a delicate blossoming with a fiery star, carving the untold tale of a new jewellery treasure into its white gold and diamonds. The flower with its characteristic pointed petals is showcased in six exquisite jewellery creations. Pendants, ear studs, a bracelet and a ring are so many modern – day talismans that can be worn alone, combined or layered, depending on one’s mood.

The perfectly mastered construction of the Monogram Flower design resonates in harmony with the stones and precious metal. A nail fashioned out of white gold, evoking the Maison’s trunk – making heritage, lies at the heart of each motif.

The Star Blossom collection now includes a vibrant, modern ornamental ear cuff made of diamonds and pink gold. With this new creation, which can be worn alone or as a pair, the Monogram Flower sensually hugs the ear contour.

Conveying elegance and vitality, the latest Star Blossom pieces demonstrate Louis Vuitton’s inventiveness and jewellery expertise, further proof of the Monogram Flower’s enduring evocative power, more than one century after its inception.

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