We Celebrate Saudi National Day: Honayda Sairafi, Fashion Designer

Styling A – list celebrities’ regionally and globally, Honayda Sairafi is a fashion designer with her own brand. She loves Saudi Arabia. ‘I am a person who is very close to her land and heritage and have always enjoyed living in Saudi Arabia. I had a beautiful childhood with lots of memories in different corners of my country. I feel blessed now to be witnessing this ear of development in the Kingdom, with a young government implementing amazing projects contributing to the country’s growth on the economic level, as well as the cultural and educational levels, while always preserving the Saudi heritage. I am proud to see women being empowered more and more and art and fashion being placed at the center of a number of initiatives in the Kingdom’, Sairafi says.

She is currently working on several projects aside from the Honayda collections as she always like to employ her experience and resources into supporting young designers and giving back to the community. ‘We have a special project coming up on Saudi National Day in collaboration with Al Ula NPO – the first NOP to ever be registered in the Kingdom – and its mission is to support underprivileged divorced women with families. The collaboration involves children as well, as we guide them to develop their artistic sensibilities from a young age’, says Sairafi about her future projects. But she will not reveal further spoilers as ‘a lot of projects are in the process still!’ When asked about what makes her the proudest of her country, she explains. ‘Aside from being proud of the cultural richness of my country, there is a special characteristic that seems to be deeply rooted in every Saudi Arabian; it it the sense of social responsibility. Not only towards each other here in the Kingdom, but it also expands on a broader level of simply being humans, and standing by the sides of people in need around the world. And this is something I am truly proud of, as I grew up with these humanitarian values’. She feels blessed to have been raised in a country with such natural variety and a rich ecosystem. From the magical desert to the greener regions and the breathtaking Red Sea, each region has its own identity and own fashion heritage. ‘The old city of Jeddah is another gem that has a sentimental place in my heart’, she says. ‘I do, nonetheless, have a secret favorite spot, and that is life underwater. As a fiver, I love to disconnect in the depth of the Red Sea and enjoy the serenity of the waters. And lately, with the surge of the new coastal cities such as NEOM, I am excited to discover what their waters hide!’

Lastly, she has an impressive wish for Saudi Arabia and its people. ‘I would like to wish my dear Kingdom and its beautiful people a happy 91st Saudi National day. May our country keep growing and thriving for healthy development, and congratulations to our government for always pushing to set an example for the coming generations.