To Celebrate The 91st Saudi National Day On September 23, Amrah Has Chosen A Group Of Saudi Nationals Whose Success In The Kingdom Resonates Through The World: Najoud AlRumaihi, Marketeer And Co – Founder Of Upbeat

Najoud Alrumaihi is a marketing specialist, social activist, and one of the most glamorous women in Saudi. She believes the best part of being in the Kingdom now is feeling safe and knowing your loved ones are safe. ‘It’s an unparalleled feeling. Given the situation the world is experiencing now with Covid – 19, KSA’s phenomenal response to the spread of the disease and providing vaccinations, thankfully made it one of the safest places throughout the pandemic’.

She usually like to keep the projects she is working on confidential until they are fully ready to be launched but shared with us, that, ‘I’m currently working on a project that involves hair care, specifically curly hair. I would love to see many girls proud and confident in their natural hair. I am also working on marketing consultations more often lately, which is something I truly enjoy doing’.

Alrumaihi says that progress is what makes her the proudest about her country. ‘Saudi Arabia has been progressing on all fronts: industrial, economic, financial, and, most importantly, cultural. The cultural rise has been significant in Saudi and gaining good traction internationally, which is something I am extremely proud of’.