Luxury Label Jean Paul Gaultier Celebrates Saudi National Day With New Film

French luxury fashion label Jean Paul Gaultier is celebrating Saudi Arabia’s 91st National Day, which falls on Sept.23, in its first – ever launch dedicated to a Middle Eastern country.

Paris / France – – The brand has brought to life the traditional card game of baloot through a film shot by an all – Saudi production team in Riyadh.

The film features a host of Saudi personalities, including actress Sarah Taibah, emerging fashion model Domie Alsalim, fashion and beauty multi – hyphenates Yara Alnamlah and Faisal Alghazzawi, as they compete in the game.

The brand is also celebrating the country’s heritage and culture with the baloot box – a luxe green reimagination of its signature perfume case which comes in velvet stamped with gold details.

The celebrity – loved fashion house created a deck of cards exquisitely designed by Saudi artist Reghad Al – Ahmad.

Al – Ahmad merged Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature iconography with cultural motif rooted in the identity of Saudi Arabia through the art form of collage. The queen, king and jack of the deck are reimagined to represent the regions and cities in the Kingdom

The baloot box is packed in a green bag with gold – embroidered straps, patterned after the intricate gold trimming of the traditional Saudi bisht.

The bag was designed and created by traditional Saudi tailor Salman Alhamad and Atharna, a social enterprise dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Saudi crafts and culture.