Jennifer Aniston Confirms She Won’t Be Attending 2021 Emmy Awards

‘Friends’ alum hinted it has to do with her concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

The Emmy Awards are just around the corner, but sad news for ‘Friends’ fans: Jennifer Aniston won’t be in attendence.

The actress confirmed she is skipping out on this year’s Emmys, scheduled for this Sunday, due to her caution surrounding the coronavirus.

‘No, I will not be going’, Aniston announced on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Monday.

Aniston said she believes Ben Winston, the director and producers of the ‘Friends’ reunion, will be attending on behalf of the cast.

‘This is a big step for me to just be here’, Aniston continued to Kimmel, adding that she’s been taking ‘baby steps’.

Elsewhere in her chat with the late – night host, Aniston admitted she’s been extra cautious about going out in public.

‘I’ve been in the house a lot. I went from the Sony Studios to shoot ‘The Morning Show’, back to my house’, she said.

The actress added that there have only been a few places she’s regularly gone to amid the pandemic besides work. She said she’s only travel to the Kimmel’s home in Los Angeles and has visited the Bateman household and her good pal Courtenay Cox.

‘It was kind of this little bubble of friends. Thank God I love all of you so much’, she said.

Aniston went on to call her time spent primarily out of the spotlight amid the pandemic ‘hard’ and admitted the world is going through ‘weird times’.