Henry Jacques Has Introduced Three Fragrances To ‘Les Brumes’ Line

Haute Parfumerie Henry Jaques has introduced three iconic fragrances to its Les Brumes Line: Merveilleuse de HJ, Fabien Absolute and Mandala.

Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques has introduced three iconic fragrances to its Les Brumes line: Merveilleuse de HJ, Fabiene Absolute and Mandala (a Dubai boutique exclusive). A lighter expression of its signature and most loved line of essences, Les Brumes offered a more casual and modern way of enjoying great perfumery with a unique ‘Splash & Spray’ convertible flacon.

Marveilleuse de HJ

A classic Chypre with an alluring floral presence, timeless and elegant. Citrusy in the opening and complimented by spices, while deepened by the strong earthy green scent of vetiver and patchouli. When such precious flowers as rose, jasmine and ylang ylang meet the traditional Chypre accord, it creates the perfect balance between comfort and energy.

Family: Chypre / Oriental

Instantly: Bergamot – Coriander – Ylang – Ylang

Then: Jasmine – Oriental Rose – Clover

Later: Opoponax – Vetiver – Patchouli.

Fabien Abdolute

Captivating with a burst of freshness and green leaves, an instant signature of this fragrance, followed by mossy and woody notes and a touch of oud. An elegant yet strong character, whilst peaceful in the serenity of oakmoss, musk and the rich sandalwood that close at the base.

Family: Chypre / Green

Instantly: Bergamot – Green Leaf – Mandarin

Then: Violet – Dehen el Oudh – Palmarosa (Brazil).

Later: Oak Moss – Musk – Sandalwood

Mandala – Dubai Worldwide Exclusive

Leather, Dehen el Oud, Incense… a perfect blend for a night in a Cigar lounge or a cozy evening with friends with Bukhoor swinging in the air. Sweet leathery notes take charge at the opening, turning warm and woody with an exquisite Oud and Incense – adding a magical impression to the whole olfactory journey.

Family: Chypre / Leather

Instantly: Aromatic Notes – Lavender – Clove

Then: Leather – Dehen el Oudh – Opoponax

Later: Cedar Wood – Sandalwood – Labdanum

Previously available only in the more traditional Essence form, Merveilleuse de HJ, Fabien Absolute and Mandala now take on a fresh dynamic thanks to the new Les Brumes variation – feeling brighter and airier, while still possessing the strong heart that makes every Henry Jacques creation so distinctive.