Jennifer Lopez Hits The Red Carpet With Ben Affleck – And A Bombshell Blowout

The Venice Film Festival is characterized by glamour in the truest sense of world – and what could be more glamorous than the red – carpet reemergence of an iconic couple? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck stepped out for the premiere of The Last Due, holding hands, glowing, and enjoying a classic aesthetic as relevant now as it was in their early – aughts origins.

For J.Lo, this took the form of a billowing blowout courtesy of longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton. ‘It’s basically may favorite look: bombshell glam’, says Appleton. ‘Just botchy, swishy, effortless. Hair than when you walk, walks with you. Also, we’re in Venice, so it’s good for J.Lo to bring that va-va-voom’. Though the two had ordinally discussed an updo, Lopez’s flowing, honeyed lengths made for a decidedly romantic moment, coupling with her silhouette – skimming George Hobeika gown and sparkling accessories for a look worthy of pop royalty.

To achieve the most buoyant of blowouts, Appleton prepped Lopez’s mane with Color Wow’s Dream Coat and daub of volumizing foam before going in with a round brush and curling iron. A brush out and spritz of shine spray ensured that, though polished, the hair didn’t look too done, instead free to cascade goddess – like down J.Lo back, shorter layers swinging over her shoulders.

When asked about her enduring brand of beauty, Appleton cities the J.Lo Effect. ‘She just has that glow’, he says. ‘She pushes the boundaries and tries stuff, but she keeps on brand and hoes with what feels good. There’s always a bit of softness’. And on her arm, Affleck’s coiffed brunette hair and scruffy brand made for the ultimate counter to said softness, the duo’s signatures merging as seamlessly as ever.